The website is the elementary unit of the corporate identity of every business at the present moment. It is owing to the reason because the use of the internet is increasing giving rise to the need of having a website.

However, the selection of the right programming language is a hard nut to crack. Many people support the use of PHP owing to robustness and ease of configuration. On the other hand, a group of people vote in favor of because it is considered highly secure.

There is no denying that both frameworks are highly influential in handling complex business demands. The set of tools offered by the ASP.NET and PHP are significantly efficient to incorporate desired functional requirements. It now depends on the personal preferences of the individuals to choose what they like. But, don’t forget to consider your business criteria first.

ASP.NET Vs. PHP - Selecting the best website development framework

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ASP.Net or PHP – the battle of comparison always stay in the high over the internet. So, it is imperative to reveal strengths and weaknesses of both web development frameworks for making a wise selection.


ASP stands for Active Server Pages. Microsoft developed the language as the website scripting framework for ease of development. The program codes can be written in any programming language supported by ASP.NET. The framework is popular owing to highly robust libraries.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP is an abbreviation of Hypertext Preprocessor. It was developed by an eminent programmer Rasmus Lerdorf as originated as the website scripting framework for quick development. The language is famous for easy installation and rapid learning facilities.


Nature & Creator Developed by Microsoft as a framework for web application Developed by Rasmus Lerdorf as a server-side scripting language
Business Support Highly suitable for medium and large enterprise web applications Highly suitable for small and medium website solutions
Development Cost Required to get a license for framework Available for free of cost to all and sundry
Offered Solutions Augmented features for backend validation and authentication Augmented attention is paid on GUI and clients’ requirements
Community or Forums Have dedicated forums for developer and users communities Multiple forums are available for community support
Website Security Offers augmented protection for high-end applications Comparatively less secure for highly complex systems
Operational Speed High speed in both desktop and web applications Relatively slow in case of desktop applications
Customization facility Offers few services for re-design customization Allows augmented customization as compared to ASP.NET

Prominent Dissimilarities between ASP.NET and PHP

Although, both the frameworks are highly popular in the programmers’ world, but the key differences are given below:

  • NET is a paid web development framework while PHP is an open source.
  • NET is highly suitable for large-scale business enterprises while PHP is appropriate to meet SMEs business requirements.
  • NET is comprehensively equipped with all elements of web and desktop applications, but PHP is just designed for website development.

Final Thought

Every framework has some benefits and drawbacks, but you must consider your business needs to select an appropriate set of tools for website development.

Regardless of the choice you have made between and PHP, it is always better to acquire the best web development services for programming deployment. Remember! The experts know what is appropriate for your business when it comes to website designing and development.

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