We are living in a world where things move fast, business grow wide and technology improve things time by time. People start business, then invest more and more amount of money for maintaining the business effectively. People try their best to improve the size of their business as well as popularity of their brand & business to the high possible range.

For people who maintain websites to grow their brand popularity and to attract more and more users towards them had increase in traffic when mobile technology came into being. Soon mobile phone was capable of visiting a website and views all the contents as it is view on a desktop.

So how the mobile phone is capable of viewing the same website just like laptop or desktop? That is the responsive web design which cover all the limitations for mobile users.

Does a responsive web design has limitations as well?

Yes they have. All the companies providing web design services are currently developing websites having responsive in nature. Whatever platform they have to use, still they are visited from any device because of this nature. But, these designs having responsive nature has advantages and disadvantages that need to be keep in mind, if you are developing your website responsive.

Authorized and having international standards for development, web design Dubai based company has specified all these advantages and disadvantages. They have alternatives for disadvantages if exist, and therefore there exist no single limitation in each design. Following are some of them listed:

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

  • Low maintenance: Responsive designs allow you to maintain a single website for all users that can be visited from devices having different screen sizes. No need to maintain multiple websites for different devices.
  • Brand consistency: Brand consistency is a major part of business marketing and responsive designs present your website similar across all sorts of devices.
  • Load Time: Load time is reduced dramatically by responsive websites and users can easily download large chunks of data without any problems, either they are connected to WiFi or cable connection.
  • Optimized for SEO: Mobile friendly websites are officially Google best practice, so they prefer this approach as well. Because of this preference, visibility of your website in SERPs is directly affected, when people will Google from mobile devices.
  • Simpler maintenance: One change will update the content across everything, because there is no need of updating the main as well as the mobile site. It makes it a lot easier to stay on top of content and keep track of what’s been changed.
  • Redirection of visitors to separate mobile website: To redirect visitors using mobile to a separate mobile website may be read negatively by Google that can also slow down the time taken by visitors to find information they want.

Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

Associated with the implementation of a responsive web design also have some disadvantages. They are:

  • Development time: Development of responsive websites takes longer than the creation of a standard site for using on desktop computers.
  • Different devices: Response time may be different for each device. That is if a mobile user visit the site, he might not get immediate response from server.
  • Limited support: As responsive websites operates according to media queries telling them what screen size currently the website is viewing on, old browsers other than (IE) 9+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3+, Opera 7+  don’t have the media queries support.
  • Navigation Menus: Smaller devices have less screen space for working on. This may make complex navigation difficulties.
  • Redesign for new Websites: Updating existing websites to be responsive need to be re-design from scratch; otherwise the website will not perform at the best possible level.

Web design companies in Dubai as well as those having extensive use of responsive website designing use Google Analytics to observe their visitors on mobile devices. Either they need certain information on the website or the whole website need to be visible to them.

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This way the result of Google Analytics makes it easy for developers to reduce the response time for mobile users. As the information that are not specific to mobile users may be reduced, and only those information will be visible to them what they need. Hence increase the response time for them.

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