Regular maintenance of your website is crucial to improving your virtual image. The reason is most consumers like to assess your site before paying a physical visit to your store. If the WordPress website is well-maintained, up-to-date and catchy, chances are you will get more visitors.

However, you might lose traffic and risk conversion rate if your website is outdated, neglected and unkempt. It might also drop its search engine ranking. So, always keep your WordPress website updated and well maintained.

Many professional web development companies in Dubai can help you maintain your website. Find a professional web service providing company, mastering in website maintenance to upgrade your online portal. Read on to know some maintenance tips for your WordPress website.

How to maintain a WordPress website in Dubai

Did you know your car and website have one thing in common? Both need maintenance on a regular basis. If you don’t change the oil and gas of your vehicle, it can affect the engine.

Similarly, if you don’t upgrade your website, it will not be able to run smoothly. Here are some tips on how to maintain a WordPress website you should keep in mind:

Check Website Backup

One of the most important yet most ignored things is getting backup of your website. For corporate sites, in particular, getting a backup of the blogs, news, and other pages on a monthly basis is a good idea.

Hosting providers can help you to get the backup, or you can also download website files via FTPs. Ideally, you should create three backup files — store two of them at two separate (physical) locations and one of them in a cloud.

Moreover, there are also WordPress plugins available. These plugins can automatically create backups for you. Such plugins can also be developed later if you can’t find any automatic plugin currently.

Optimize Your Database

WordPress users know how speck and clean the site looks when it is new. However, as time passes, you will start to notice a lot of junk (like auto drafts, table overheads, and spam comments etc) pilling up. This is just like dust in your room.

Accumulation of transients, spam comments, table overheads, and post revisions can make your website slow. Good news is cleaning them up is easy. You just need to install a plugin such as WP-Sweep. Running this plugin can help rid you from the unwanted files that you no longer need.

Find Broken Links

Broken links are not only bad for SEO but also your users. These links make it difficult for crawlers to crawl your website and web surfers to visit it. Manually, it is not easy to find broken links. So, you will need a tool (for example, Broken Link Checker) for this. Be careful, when you use this tool. It can slow down your WP-admin Dashboard.

Take a Helping Hand

While maintaining a WordPress website has become easier because you can take online help, but it is never recommended for a professional website. The reason is owners don’t like to compromise with the authenticity of their website.

Moreover, professionals have all the necessary tricks and experiences, and so they can upgrade your website, skillfully. Therefore, always opt for the services of experts, mastering in website maintenance Dubai based company to ensure your website runs smoothly.


Regular website maintenance is important to ensure it runs smoothly. While you need to know all the tips for awareness – but the best thing is to leave this job to a professional. Hiring the services of an experienced web design and development company can help you achieve your goal.

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