Many of you are of the view that ruby on rails framework is just to make the programmers happy and doesn’t have any other purpose to serve?

If it were true, the language wouldn’t have been in the buzzwords globally. How? Shopify, Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter, Yellow pages, Dribbble, Twitch, and many other innovative startups are successfully developed using the Ruby on Rails.

Advantages of Ruby on rails for startups

According to the survey of Full Stack (2017), around 1,041,321 live websites are designed and developed using ruby on rails web development platform. It is enlisted among the top ten frequently used programming languages globally.

Not only this, many new entrants in the business market of UAE prefer to have their corporate website developed using Ruby. The trends are relatively higher in other countries.

So, if you are the one confused about the selection of appropriate programming language for your business web application, don’t forget to consider the services of ruby on rails company Dubai. It is regarded as the most useful but handy option for all types of products and service representation over the internet.

This post is intended to highlight some of the fantastic advantages of ruby on rails framework for startup business.


The unique feature of this programming language is the efficiency of time. The framework has many built-in functionalities and plugin to offer ready-made work to the people. For instance, anyone can start developing a web application without even writing the complex codes.

A rough comparison of the Ruby with other languages reveals that it is 30-40% faster than similar frameworks. It significantly saves time.

Consistency and Integrity

Another thing which is unique about the ruby on rails framework is the consistency. It is because the programmers are required to follow programming conventions and standardized mechanisms for file storage. It helps to keep the structure of the whole project easy and understandable.

Further, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) makes the coding patterns extremely easy to support rapid project development. So, the correctly readable code is easy to modify and maintain. The developers can comprehend the code-base in less time as compared to other programming codes.

Compatible with Parallel Development

The MVC model allows various members of the development teams to work on the same project simultaneously. This not only encourages multi-tasking but also save considerable time.

According to a rough estimation, parallel work enables the web developers to accomplish their task three times faster than others. It is owing to the compatibility and consistent design patterns offered by the ruby on rails framework.


There is no denying the fact that many business people ignore the need for a web application owing to budget constraints. Further, the same problem is faced by emerging entrepreneurs.

Luckily, the development of web applications using the ruby on rails framework is pretty inexpensive as compared to other structures.

It is because you can find plenty of already developed modules known as gems by pay a meager amount and integrate it into your project.

There are more than gems are available to help the developers make do their work efficiently. It means that you don’t have to bear the cost of developing a website from scratch giving an edge to the ruby framework as highly cost-effective.

Takes Away

After reading the post thoroughly, hopefully, you have got an understanding that why the ruby on rails framework is a hot debate globally.

Still, many people show their concerns regarding the authenticity and support of the programming. For those, it is a must to understand that everything comes with some pros and cons, but you have to evaluate both in order to make a wise selection.

Last but not least, premium ruby on rails service providers can help you better get your work done successfully.


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