Without wasting any time lets go straight to the point and discuss what you must consider before and while designing your website. If it’s an Ecommerce site remember to follow the points below

What’s the company or site all about:-

Many designers are not clear about the design of the site and this is the first challenge they face. To make sure that you give a decent and related look and feel of the brand first you need to be clear in your mind about what your project is all about. After a clear thinking and perception now you can move forward to the design that best describes and represents your niche.

A search box:-

Make your site doesn’t look like a busy parking lot where the visitor has to roam around to find a suitable place to park his car. Web development companies in Dubai are strictly in favor of a visible search box at a proper place on a page. Instead give him the information needed right away by allowing the visitor to search for it by making a place for a search box in all the pages of your site. Visitors are lazy and don’t want to waste their time going through a whole lot of text and products so they want everything on their fingertips.

Make the site user friendly:-

Must follow this otherwise you surely will end up on the losing side. Make sure your site has a mobile responsive design and mobile users don’t face any problems while visiting your site through their smart devices. Google has found out that 72% people have emphasized the importance of websites that are mobile friendly because they make their searches using mobiles. 96% have even visited a site that didn’t perform well. So be sure to these large numbers and increase your site traffic.

Solid back-end:-

Remember customers are not forgiving they want everything according to their needs and in front of them. During a sale If the site goes down in and or if the customers are unable to order their desired product against their demanded price it’s enough for them to leave and go on your competitors Ecommerce site which will seriously dent your bottom line. A solid back-end can rescue you from these problems but make sure you aren’t a moment late otherwise improper functioning at the time of truth or business critical moment can really push you backwards.

Fresh and unique content:-

Make sure to update your site every now and then with fresh content to be in the good books of the search engine. Another thing that web development companies emphasize heavily is the uniqueness of the content whether on page or off page. Never ever go for copied, plagiarized content, remember to use high quality content it will not only rank you site in the search engine but will attract more and more visitors.