According to statistics, approximately 98% of startups and budding businesses are using their websites as a useful marketing tool. This not only highlights the importance of a good looking website, but it also highlights the competition that new companies and startups are up against and the need for a beautiful web page for any upcoming ventures.

website as a marketing tool
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If you own a startup or an established small business in UAE and you’re looking to grow your customer base by marketing through websites, you can hire exerts for web design Dubai to help you out with not only the design but also incorporate interactive marketing focused tools.

Website As A Marketing Tool

Concepts that help websites become avid marketing tools:

Make content sharing possible

Adding share buttons to web pages has been known to increase the traffic and encourage a dialogue between customers and business. Numerous websites utilize social media sharing buttons in an attempt to make it easier for potential customers to share and also divert traffic from other social media platforms.

Posting articles and the use of share and like buttons on social media are some of the most infamous ways to assist is content marketing. According to statistics, with an adoption rate of 87%, social media was the most popular tactic for marketing.

Quick Tips: To create compelling content that is shared and like on social media you can publish

  • Content that’s high quality
  • In-depth customer insights
  • Product or service related content
  • Customer success stories or case studies

Valuable giveaways go a long way

Distribution of free design templates, Photoshop files, wallpapers, eBooks, is an ideal way to market content. Set up a call to action button on your page, that allows customers to download, print, as for tips, sign up for vouchers etc. Free material not only makes customers happy but it also attracts more customers to your site.

Visuals attract customers

Images, infographics, charts and other visuals can be used to make your rather boring website a hit among potential customers. Visuals tend to relay meaningful information to the viewer that they can collect even if they spend the shortest time on the webpage.

Attracting customers through product descriptions they need

Depending upon the requirements of your viewers and audience, your website may be focused on the product, focused on information or a bit of both. Adding product information that’s concise yet effective can help foster better repertoire with customers.

Descriptions can also help assist with the crucial questions that the audience has on their mind such as:

  • Can the product be tested?
  • How more information can be gathered about the product
  • Where the product is available etc.

Reputation and credibility diverts customers

To convert viewers into potential customers, it is important that customers feel secure when providing you with their details and buying from you through online purchase.

Quick tips: In order to build trust and credibility among customers, websites should include:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Customer success stories
  • Contact details making it easier for customers to get in touch with you

Testimonials and success stories allow potential customers an insight into the reliability of your procedures, erasing doubts that they may have.

Using website design to market your brand

With numerous businesses using websites for marketing products, services and even both, it is essential to work on some aspects of your website that can help your products reach a greater audience and convert a greater number of viewers into customers.

Hire an expert for web design to incorporate interactive marketing focused tools on your website and observe as viewers become customers and customers become repeat customers!

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