“If you’re already a front-end developer, well, pretend you’re also wearing a pirate hat.” ― Ethan Marcotte

Web developers are the one who use to call their home terminals. They like to live a codified life starting their morning with “cout<< hello world”. And call the day with the message of “WM_CLOSE”.

Don’t you think it’s actually customization? Yes, it has always been an integral part of web programmers’ life in order to experience uniqueness.

Customization helps to fasten workflow and improves productivity

However, satisfaction with available software development tools is the foremost requirement of programmers. It is the reason that every software development organization strives to engage productive quirky by introducing innovative development tools.

It is not all about the programmers but the customers’ satisfaction can also be achieved by using innovative tools and techniques. The fact is admitted by various organizations operating in software development sector.

As all multinational corporations, web development company Dubai acknowledges that deployment of modern technology is not only done to stand among the top niche but to get more business from clients.

However, software development tools are comprised of scripts and libraries based on a command line and graphical user interface.

Command Line is the Life Line of Software Development

Dark screens with alien language seem terribly frightening. Isn’t that? Interestingly, a few people are afraid of command line interfaces. However, it’s not the case for all.

Programming geeks don’t consider it obsolete and arcane. However, many of us have a clear understanding of the fact that command line is the lifeline of numerous development jobs.

Advance Command Line Interfaces to Ease your Nerves

Skills can only be made productive with the help of suitable tools. In this way, tools are the instruments used to solve a problem.

Although user graphical interface has made software development extremely easy, command line tools still enjoy immunity. It is owing to the fact that programmers get clear insights of behind the scene functionality by using a command line.

Therefore, it is important to make yourself comfortable with command line tools. Believe or not, but it is very easy and interesting.

The following tools used for command line are so cool that will let you fall in love with these.

1. pageres-cli

Being a web developer, individuals often need to take frequent snapshots of a website. It is done to send work performance to the clients and project teams.

The command line tool named pageres-cli can help you to capture more than a hundred snapshots from almost ten websites in seconds.

Main Features

  • The programmer can add the URL of websites and picture resolution required to be captured.
  • Capture multiple websites simultaneously with diverse resolution specifications

2. is-up-cli

It is an open source project. The API (application programming interface) offers seamless development of the website by delivering the facility to check website status from developers’ workstation.

Main Features

  • Simple and easy way to check if the website is working well.
  • The status of up and down can be checked by one-command.
  • A distinct library is provided to get into the API.

3. viewport-list-cli

It is a command line library available as an open source. It helps the web developers in getting a quick ratio of the viewport for building interfaces for multiple devices.

Major Features

  • Able to get device sizes of multiple items or for a single item.
  • It enables the developers to save results into an external file by the export facility.
  • Results are exported into tables.

4. loadtest

This command line tool is extremely amazing in testing your website for the criteria of traffic load.

By using its API, the web developers can integrate a load test into the interface of website testing.

Not only this, it permits custom configuration replicating the real-world situation.

Major Features

  • Customization of parameters for concurrent requests of clients.
  • Customization of header value and cookie.
  • Advanced properties for in-depth testing for the server.

5. Surge

Many web developers love to have static websites. The idea can be made a reality by using Surge.

This command line tool is highly helpful in creating static content on the website by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It takes only a few minutes and webpage starts running over the internet.

Main Features

  • Available in two variations Free and Premium
  • Offer custom domain for websites
  • Easy to publish a complete folder with the help of only one command


There is no denying the fact that developing a professional website requires an in-depth understanding of both command line and GUI (graphical user interface) tools. However, advance professional web developers understand the importance of customized tools to aid workflow optimally.

Of course, the quality and functionality of the website are crucial for customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. It is the reason that web development company in Dubai performs almost all the mentioned operation using customized tools.

At this point, it is important to understand the importance of a profitable website. Therefore, organizations pay attention to not just sell websites but to develop websites that can actually sell.