The prime objective of creating a website is to keep your audience informed about the latest news and reviews about you. No matter if you are running a business website or personal blog, the design and layout do not ensure a high amount of visitors or web traffic.

To increase the visibility of websites, you need to optimize it for the popular search engine. You must be thinking how? Consider search engine optimization. It is referred to the methods and techniques to improve the footprints of a website over the Internet.

Although, every business is operating in the global markets requires a corporate identity over the Internet, but the UAE business market compels the organizations to seek efficient solutions. Therefore, considering professional SEO services from Dubai based company can potentially help to augment your website optimization.

How to make SEO friendly website

Website visibility can be obtained using the organic or inorganic methods. It means that obtaining user visits by spending money is the inorganic traffic while organic traffic refers to a natural audience based on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

 It is interesting to know that Google accounts for around 90% of the traffic globally.  There is no denying the fact that SEO is crucial for the survival of a website.

Let’s get to know how to make website SEO friendly following the below easy tips to improve website visibility:

Ensure Social Media Integration

Social media is considered the most effective tool for getting people engaged. The reason is that millions of people are spending plenty of time on the social networking interfaces.

Therefore, getting people’s attention over such media is imperative for effective website optimization.

You have surely noticed many tiny icons of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others placed on the posts and web pages.

Not only can this, but imprints over the internet also are improved by managing social media posts integration of the corporate web.

Use Optimized Images

This might be a new thing for you, but it is suggested to use the images in an optimized manner over the web pages.

While selecting pictures and graphics for the website, consider the following tips:

  • Images should not be too big or too small
  • Proper visibility should be ensured
  • The size of the image is 30-100 KM ideally
  • The image resolution is 72 dpi

After, you should consider the titles and captions of the images wisely to relate it to the content of the website. Don’t forget to use image alt attribute (image description for search engines) for better image optimization.

Use JavaScript Cautiously

Many people consider the JavaScript as the basic elements of web design. Therefore, it is used sparingly in a website that is considered a detrimental mistake.

You must understand that web pages are indexed in the search engines for ranking. This is done by a process named crawling.  If your JavaScript is abundance everywhere on the website, search engines will have to strive hard while crawling. Consequently, severe issues in page rankings occur harming the website credibility.

Consider the following tips:

  • The use of JavaScript should be minimal.
  • Quality assurance of scripts should be done on a regular basis.

Remember, if you are not aware of computer programming languages, don’t mess with website codes. Get the assistance from professional SEO web design firm to ensure error-free crawling in the prominent search engines.

Be Cautious about the use of Flash

No doubt, flashing element on the web pages attracts many people, but it can hinder the process of search engine optimization.

The primary reason is that overwhelming use of animations, blinking images, Gifs and videos can distract the visitors leading to irritation.

So, consider the following:

  • Use a balanced approach towards flash animations
  • Videos and gifs should complement each other

Your website should be appealing, not irritating – use a simple GUI and Design element.

Last Words!

Congratulations! By complying with the given tips, you will be able to optimize your website.

It may not be as strongly optimized as the professional SEO services provider can do but efforts always pay off!

To sum up, SEO is not just essential to make your website prominent over the Internet but also for useful popularity among the people. Therefore, you must focus on improving the web pages according to the requirements of search engines and aspirations of the target audience.

It helps the business organizations to give a positive impression to their customers that business organization welcomes personalization.



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