What SEO Audit will do for you?

The SEO audit will help you find the problematic areas of your website so that you can correct them to make it more user and SEO-friendly. This will help you rank your website better in search engines.

Here is how to do an SEO audit of your website professionally

Let’s jump into this pool to understand how to do website SEO audit and what actually it is comprised of.

Make Page Titles and Meta Description Unique

Writing catchy and attractive Page Titles and Meta Description both are really important for the website SEO.

Page title is the clickable text that appears in SERPs as a result of any query we search on Google. Whereas, the Meta Description is the text which is written in Black under the Clickable text.

Meta Description actually is the 160 character description snippet containing the keyword of the website that you have searched in the Google search Bar.

Make URL Structure SEO Friendly

The URL Structure matters a lot in SEO. Make your URL, SEO and User friendly. Making it user and search engine friendly means that it should be simple and easy to understand. The more your website URL is simple, the better a Search Engine will understand what your web page is about and will help in ranking it.

Do the Internal Linking Wisely

Internal linking means the linking of the pages of the website on a same domain. When you are linking different pages of your website, make sure you are doing it wisely.

For example, from your website’s “Home Page” you are linking by “Hyperlink” the “Contact US” text to the “Contact Us” page.

There should be relevancy and a sense when you are linking different pages of your website. Doing it wisely and with a proper sense will improve your website’s position in SERPs.

Frequently Check the Broken Links/Dead Pages

The broken links and the dead pages of your website are SEO damaging. Make sure that you frequently check your website for the broken links and dead pages and fix them right away.

Optimize the Website Speed

If a website is loading and responding slowly, definitely this means that it is providing a bad user experience. A website that provides bad user experience will certainly be penalized by Google. That’s why a website must provide good user experience on the desktop as well as on mobile.

Although, there is no certain criteria of website speed defined by Google, but it clearly says that a website should be well optimized so that its bounce rate is minimized. The better your website loading speed is, the better effect it will cause on your website.

Responsive Design is Really Important and the Only Way Out

Google has stated many times that it gives huge importance to the responsiveness of a website. A website is supposed to give similar good user experience on multiple different mobile devices. It is also a ranking factor which matters a lot.

Ensure that Website Title is Placed in H1

The “Title” of your website must be in the H1 tag. This is something which is noticed by Google while it crawls your website content to rank it.

Make URLs Static

The URLs of the different pages of your website must be static. It should not be changing often frequently. Make sure that you keep the URL relevant, unique and static for each page of your website.

Create the XML Site Map

Creation of the “XML Site Map” is really important because it is also a factor which matters a great deal in ranking a website. It helps the “Google Crawler” to crawl the pages of your website because Google ranks the pages of your website not only website. That’s why the XML Site Map is necessary to create.

Quality Outbound Links Matter

The outbound links that your website receives from the Blogs, Guest posts and Articles are also an important factor in ranking. The more Quality links you get, the better it impacts on your websites SEO.

Check the Re-directions

When the user or search engine bots are redirected to a different URL other than the one that was initially requested is called redirection. You must check the redirection of your website from one page to another, it is also something which counts a lot in search engine optimization.

Ensure to add Robot.txt

The Robot.txt is also essential in the website optimization. A website that wants to restrict the Google Crawler from crawling its certain pages, then it can use Robot.txt. You can use this normally on Login, Images and such pages which are confidential for you.

Make all the Pages Visible

The Accessibility of your website to the “Google Crawler” as well as to the users is very important and matters a great deal in search engine optimization. Make sure to make your website pages visible to the crawlers and users.

Avoid the Exact Match Scenario in the Anchor Text

The Anchor text is the blue clickable text which appears against a query that you search in the “Google search bar”. Avoid using a generic text which refers and directly matches with your industry. Instead, you can use a text that refers to your web page that you are targeting.

Add Canonical Tags to Avoid Duplication

Add the “Canonical Tags” to avoid the duplication of your content. It is also an important factor which depends a lot on the optimization of website. So the best practice is to add the Canonical Tags for the same pages in your website to avoid duplicate content issue.

Build a Nice 404 Page

Build a nice page which should give the user information about what to do if he somehow falls on “404 Page”. It is a good practice to show up some text about the reason why a user is experiencing this “404 Page”. It will be nice to give the user an option to get back to the “Home Page”. This also helps a great deal in the SEO.

Recommended Audit Tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • MozBar
  • Link Assistant
  • SEM Rush
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog
  • Copyscape
  • Barracuda Penguin Tool


SEO Audit is really important to do and analyze your website for any possible problems which can affect the process of the optimization. The important SEO Audit steps to do it professionally are mentioned above in detail and are highly recommended by SEO  services company in Dubai. You need to ensure that you follow that procedure to improve the ranking of your website.