Phase 1 – Smart And Effective Website Planning:

Your plan will matter; creating a smart and effective plan will decide your website’s future success.

A website designed would mean nothing unless its visitors know how to take action. Promotion of understanding must, therefore, be the core objective behind designing one.

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Experts Share Six Steps for Effective Website Planning!

1. Panning the structure – Focusing on how you intend to organize the information:

It would be you first to understand your business and its target audience/niche. This will help you to understand how your site is structured.

2. Plan the pages – Types of pages required and how many of them:

Building your pages in an effective manner so as to enhance usability will naturally catch the attention of your visitors and they will be more curious about the information that is being shared by you.

3. Plan the navigation – How quick visitors can find what they are looking for?

Visitors today are very impatient while surfing online. They want quick solutions, on an average a user spends 30 seconds roughly on a webpage before moving on to another. It is crucial to come up with a website navigation plan that enables visitors to know where they are and how to get to the required information.

Getting back to the point from where they started too should be made simpler and the threshold hold recommended for this is 3 clicks or less by experts in the said domain.

4. Focusing on the purpose – What‘s the aim of your website and how it will be achieved?

Definition of clear purpose is crucial and pre-requisite. This is because it will turn out to be the overall aim of the entire design endeavors intended by you plus it will help you in understanding the core aims of your business. You need to be spot on, especially when operating in highly demanding and dynamic markets of UAE.

5. Define your audience – Know and focus on people you want to visit your website:

Your aim of website design in Dubai must be accompanied by a clear definition and understanding of persona that is possessed by your potential and existing visitors if you want to increase the opportunities and promote your brand in a further effective passion.

6. Plan the content – Types of media receiving your message across effectively:

Animation through CSS, audio, video, graphics, and typography (text) are the different types available in the form of media that would be required by you while designing. A perfect combination of different types mentioned above will improve and expand user experience, ultimately resulting in greater reach.

Phase 2 – Website Layout And Design:

When aiming to play, you must know the rules of the game! Selection of right and required design elements is the key to success. All one needs is to focus on some of the very basic rules in order to engage users in the most effective yet very simple manner.

Smart and effective planning
Website Layout And Design

Your striking points would be areas like, simple navigation, clear website layout and clean lines as these will help you in making things easy for users to find what exactly they are searching for.

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There are some other core areas associated with a design that shall be considered by one so as to ensure optimum results, such as:

Six Core Website Design Considerations:

  1. Consistency:

    A site consistent in nature helps in making things easy to remember and learn, i.e. users find it easy to interact with it. This may comprise, placement of buttons, icons, headings and page layout (where needed).

  2. Coherence:

    Simplicity is going to be the core element here, i.e. how easy it is for your visitors to perceive information and behave accordingly.

  3. Text clarity:

    Select text that aligns with your nature of your website and makes it easy for users to read and understand things accordingly. It should be browser compatible, backed with adequate character cases, enable users to print things with ease. It, in addition, must use a writing style that is in line with the target niche, audience, and genre.

  4. Colour:

    Selection of colour pallets that are in line with the business and its website will add great value and application, user engagement and retaining will become easy. For example, one must apply colours in contrast to greater visibility and better feel to the eyes.

  5. Information coding:

    All the content intended must be applied using smart coding techniques so as to ensure that use of colours, size of objects, numbers, and shapes used to designate relevant information and content used is attended in an appropriate manner. One must rely on reliable and experienced web development companies in Dubai so as to ensure that he/she is on top of such sensitive areas as a website owner.

  6. Information placement:

    Being a website owner, one must know what visitors actually expect to see when they visit a website. For example, one must be familiar with where to place the most important content for better attention and immediate response from the visitors.

Phase 3 – Strategic Implementation Website Elements:

Your goal is to convey the intended message in simple yet very effective manner, right? You will need to stick to basics then, i.e. you must pick the right design and development elements by following some of the very basic rules.

Strategic implementation of website design
Strategic Website Elements Implementation

The 2 Stage Process of Strategic Implantation is All You Need:

Website Testing and Launching:

Website testing is a core phase associated with the implementation processes. One as a business owner can capitalize on the feedback during this phase and get things fine-tuned before the site goes live.

Developers are enabled to ensure that the website designed and developed is functioning properly as per the set standards. They, in addition, are allowed to make alterations in order to enhance the features further for the final version for a greater and improved user experience after the website has been launched.

Five Quality Elements That Design Better Website Usability

1. Satisfaction:

What does it feel like when one uses and interacts with the design as a visitor?

2. Learning:

How simple is it for visitors to complete basic tasks the first time they engage in the design?

3. Efficiency:

How quickly can users perform different actions, once they have learned and interacted with the design?

4. Errors:

What is the number of errors that have been encountered by users, how serious were they in nature and what was the level of simplicity in which they recovered from those errors?

5. Remembrance

Returning to a website design after quite a reasonable gap, how easy was it for the user to re-establish their proficiency when it comes to the usability?

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Phase 4 – Strategic Website Optimization:

Launching a website is just the beginning. It is highly crucial that one ensure that the website is fully optimized SEO-friendly and is inline with all the major search engines.

Website Optimization
Strategic Website Optimization

Website optimization must be done by strategically focusing on some of the very core areas mentioned below:

  • Keyword Strategy
  • Site Structure
  • On-Page and Off-Page Elements
  • Testing and refining the strategy implemented (if required)
  • Gauging Results

Winding Up!

When planning to avoid longer routes to success, one as a website owner would need to acquire the services of experienced, up-to-date and reliable designers and developers.

Professionals associated with the said domains will provide bookish and realistic solutions so as to enable you to create that sound and impactful brand image when operating demanding and complex UAE markets.