Infographic Content: So you are all ready to sell online. Before you jump into the conclusion, you might as well go through some of the very common mistakes that are usually found in most ecommerce websites:

Payment process – Keep it simple

Security Level – Amplify it to the fullest, shield your website for all types of attacks.

Excessive Details – Less is more, but not when you are telling about a product on your site.

Contact Details – Do not hide it, let your visitors see who you are for a strong trust.

Checkout Process – Don’t make it long and confusing

Design – Avoid a complicated one.

Product Images – Make them viewable with an option to zoom in and out.

Shipping – Never hide shipping charges, be transparent.

Navigation – Don’t leave your clients in a puzzled state of mind with poor navigation.


One as an entrepreneur would need to work closely with experts in the said domain so as to be on the same page. This will enable one to get hands on professional ecommerce solutions Dubai oriented results.

Ecommerce in modern industry no doubt is a fun activity, especially when things are moving on in a smooth passion. Considering all core elements stated that have been discussed in the image will enable one to milk the promising markets of UAE to the fullest.

A successful online store, however at the same time heavily relies on the way it has been presented, i.e. one would need to ensure smart and appealing web design solutions together with all the factors that have been elaborated in the image above.