Preventing hacking attacks are the most challenging activities for web application’s maintenance. Cyber attacks are the most terrifying activities for business owner as they modify everything on a web application. Even a slight modification apart from the knowledge of administrator is a major hazard which must be prevented.

Most of the sites are representing particular businesses within online markets. Careful maintenance of these websites is crucial for avoiding negative reputations. Different outsourced agencies are providing maintenance services to prevent your business from similar attacks. They are helpful for keeping your business applications safe and alive.

Every agency executes different policies and safety measures to prevent a site. Web development companies in Dubai are the best example of such agencies. They not only rely on regular backup to secure the current position of a website. In addition to such an indirect approach, they also use the following steps for ultimate safety.

Retaining Up-To-Date Platforms and Scripts:

Updated platforms and scripts is an ultimate solution for preventing security attacks. The code of these open-source applications are available both to good and malicious-intentioned hackers. An updated version of application has fewer loopholes to be identified by hackers. Staying up-to-date this way is crucial for a full control on your weaknesses.

Installing Security Plugins as Required:

Only up-to-date platforms and scripts are not enough to prevent security attacks. Installing security plugins as well are crucial for optimal protection. Different platforms are offering their own free plugins to address the platform’s limitations that can damage a site. Some of these plugins close down weaknesses and offer continuous monitoring for susceptibility.

Using HTTPS for Extra Level of Security:

Using HTTPS is a perfect solution to enter sensitive information on a web form. Introduce this extra level of security by investing in SSL certificate so that your visitors can get an additional level of encryption. Using HTTPS is helpful for improved security and trustworthiness of site visitors.

Use Parameterized Queries:

Using parameterized queries is an active solution against a major attack known as SQL injections. Most of the reputable companies such as website design Dubai follow different steps in protecting sites from SQL injections. Parameterized queries ensure that the current code only have a particular parameters that stay a challenge for hackers to play with.

Using Secure Passwords:

In most cases, site owners depend on passwords that are easy to them. However, these passwords are easily guessed that results in security attacks. Using good passwords containing a mixture of special characters, numbers and letters (both upper and lower case) is a discouraging solution for hackers to guess it.