Re-designing a website is a common practice for most small, medium and large businesses today. The reason could be any; but while doing so, many businesses fail to consider the significance of this activity from them when it comes to the digital marketing strategy that will of course take place sooner or later, once the website is created or overhauled by them.

In most cases, when a website is going through the redesigning phases, things end up totally in wrong directions and the new design is actually worse than the previous one. The core problem is that web designers and developers focus on one element fully rather than considering the digital marketing strategy as a whole.

A good example here would be the introduction of novel brand OR in order to amplify the search engine optimization potential that a website may have and/or any one aspect that requires immediate attention just because it is in the spotlight during a particular time.

One would need to understand this fact that getting hands on a supreme quality website design may enable one to establish a huge influence in most cases especially to one’s digital marketing strategy; therefore it is of core significance that one must maintain a strong focus on all the associated elements together with one another.

This piece of writing will throw light on all the relevant and associated aspects of digital marketing that are influenced by an appealing website design. Both frontend and backend of a site will be covered in order to establish and justify the importance of having an appealing design for the overall success of a digital marketing campaign.

Search engine optimization SEO:

In markets like UAE that are known for their aura and chic attitude, SEO and other forms or marketing of course plays a crucial role. Entrepreneurs due to this reason ensure that they are backed with web design Dubai based solution providers who can provide them with trendy solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

The idea of course is to use design or re-design their website in such a way that it fulfils all the requirements posted by major search engines like Google. With the influx of updates like Panda, entrepreneurs are on their toes to get rid of all the duplicated content. A good approach would be to avoid such instances from occurrences in the first instance, i.e. one must avoid plagiarism from the beginning rather than wasting time on eliminating it in the latter stages.

Why plagiarism takes place?

There are three examples or situations when duplication of content may take place and make life terrible for one; blog categories and news pages that retrieve content from other resources on their own, content and pages that are generated automatically (this usually happens with ecommerce websites) and last but not the least description about products and services with little or no changes at all, especially when the products and services have got very minor difference in them, such issues may take place.

Why plagiarism takes place

Such occurrences may have grave influence on one’s website ranks. The first issue, however can be easily repelled with the help of a ‘noindex’, ‘nofollow tag that shall be used on all those pages that are failing to correspond. The remaining two issues can be avoided during the design phases when the designers are working on the infrastructure of a website.

Another thing to consider from a back-end design perspective is the capacity to inject relevant and useful information only. One may surprisingly come across many websites that may lack in functionalities like inputting a custom alt, Meta description tag and other similar elements. These elements are simple in nature but a must requirement when it comes to seo optimization; it is therefore very important that they are added to the website’s design.

Conversion Rate Optimization CRO:

One as writer and research can write an entire article on the advancement and improvement of a website’s CRO, however that would require ample time and one blog purely focused on CRO. I am just going to focus on two main areas that are “simplicity” and “authenticity”.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A website’s feel is going to play a crucial part in portraying the authoritativeness of that particular website to the visitor. For example, landing on a website and going for a transaction so as to buy a set of vase, party tickets and or anything else, what would be your feeling while paying hundreds of dollars using that site, forget about that, let me paraphrase my question a bit, i.e. would you feel confident while paying hefty amounts on a such websites?

The same is going to be the case with your users, they won’t pay it too. It is, therefore highly crucial that a website is designed in a simple and authoritative passion when it comes to its appearance.

Simplicity shall not be considered on lighter needs, it may have a strapping impact on the site’s loading time, however I will cover that part later. One must understand that a website that is backed with a complex design may go through negativities for the most part. This does not mean that it shall be designed way too simple, because this may trigger the idea of untrustworthiness and people may not be easy and comfortable while transacting with a website. A perfect equilibrium, therefore would be one’s best bet.

When the focus is on conversion rates of a site, one would require to make it certain that the website design is fairly simple in order to meet the UX, however at the same time, it should be complicated enough to convince conversion rate optimization, things may sound tricky as far as the equation but it is the positive attitude that will enable one to get hands on huge ROIs.

User Experience (UX):

Smart web solutions Dubai services offered by professionals will enable you to get hands on a website that is user friendly. The number of visitors landing on your website will for a huge part also rely on the fact as in how simple the design and navigation is. Another factor that will be influenced by it is the site loading speed time, which can be made faster.

User Experience

To start with, let’s go through site speed in some detail. It is now taken as a core ranking factor because it is closely associated with user experience. A website taking longer to load due to heavy content or images may get negative results as far as ranking is concerned. To avoid these issues, one would need to obtain a full audit report, minify and compress things where possible.

Visual elements used in a website may also play a key role in slowing down things, if they are not fully optimized for web based usage. The secret is to provoke the right emotion within your website’s visitor because this will augment the user experience associated with your website in a dramatic passion. Designers hired by you, therefore would need to working on things with a close focus in order to avoid a wavered design.


One pager websites with parallax effect are commonly used these days, i.e. no matter which link one clicks on, he/she will land on the desired section but on the same page without any change in the URL.

Analytics and Data Visualization

This is where one need to sit and think about all those possibilities that may actually dent the analytics data that one may be keen on to collect. There are analytics tools together with Google analytics that can help you in measuring all the record. However, at the time of website designing, one must take account of factors like one’s capability in implementing advanced tracking tools. Failing to do so may deprive one from measuring the overall success of the newly designed website.

Checkout process is another area that is a must to be considered here under the heading of analytics. Such techniques are classified as smart practices that one must possess, especially with each step linked with the checkout process that may be available on a totally different URL. This enables one to set targets, funnels and goals in order to screen the entire process of checkout and carry out the optimization process where it is crucial. In an event where one is not able to carry out this task just because of the overall website’s infrastructure, one may be actually losing out on some really useful and valuable data.

The significance associated with analytical data collection is further emphasised with amplified focus, which makes it further crucial to ensure that one’s site is launched in such a passion that one can collect all the required data in an effective and easy manner. With the freedom of setting up advanced and trendy analytical tools and methods, it would mean that one requires less time and can avoid limitations associated with the intended design available to one; one must however be smart in approach in case such capabilities are not easily accessible by one.


One does not need to be a genius when it comes to spot a website that is badly designed. Even if we put the technical weaknesses of a website and core elements flagging the quality of a website, a basic visitor will instantly feel it as in whether a website is designed with quality intact or not. A website with such impression will definitely have grave detrimental effect on one’s business and brand.

Branding Agency Dubai

This case is fairly similar to the authority factor discussed above under the heading of conversion rate optimization. A visitor will see a website and based on his/her experience; he/she will develop perceptions regarding its quality. It is therefore important that a website is designed in a manner that it evokes the idea one desires. One’s website must strongly connect with and reflect one’s brand.

Reflecting brand does not however mean that deign is an appealing one, i.e. logo, fonts and colour selection etc. the focus should be on its infrastructure as well. Take Apple’s website as an example, it displays great focus on brand but at the same time is blessed with appealing aesthetics and simplicity. A website backed with confusing and complex navigation and typography that is poles apart may not impress the user. Brand impression creation by such sites cannot be classified as best by any means.

Considering key brand values therefore is a must. One must ensure that they reflect brand from each and every angle and in the most appealing passion on one’s website just to ensure that one’s online brand image is not dented.

Pay Per Click PPC Marketing:

I am discussing this point at the very bottom just because most readers would have classified it as a misfit among all the other elements. This is because most people don’t believe that it is right because they have to pay for the traffic flow to be diverted to their website. I don’t agree with that though! Well to some extent. A website that is blessed with an appealing design, swift loading speed and excellent user experience may in actuality enable one as a website owner to get hands on excellent ROIs when it comes to pay per click by getting hands on improved and supreme quality scores that will lead to inferior CPC and augmented SERPS position.

Pay Per Click PPC Marketing

Having a dedicated landing page for each keyword one may have bided for will enable one to amplify the conversion rate plus the design approach used for each page to respond to customer queries will play a deciding role here.

Don’t forget to bring it all together:

One may see that having professional website design and development approach will actually have strapping influence on some of the highly critical and significant elements that are associated with one’s digital marketing plan. One must not forget to focus on all the relevant factors of one’s digital marketing strategy in order to ensure that no area is left unattended.

A good web design is all you need to begin your journey to success with. So, when one is on the very initial stages of a website design, one must ensure that he/she has kept things in the right order. The benefits of course will be noticed in the long run.