Let’s go through some eye opening stats about UAE without discussing anything else:

  • By the end of 2016 the total population of UAE was round about 9.60 Million.
  • 82 Million People out of them were active internet users which makes it almost 92 Percent of the entire population.
  • 75% people were those that fell in the category of active Mobile internet users that is almost 7.30 Million.
  • The number of active and frequently used social media accounts was 59% i.e. roughly about 5.45 Million.
  • The rise for smart solutions in the domain of mobile apps was on the rise all time high due to the aforementioned stats.

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A quick glance at the stats of Web traffic amid different smart devices

Stats shared below will be purely based on each smart device’s proportion of the entire web pages browsed using different web browsers:

  • Desktop and Laptop users: While carrying out the survey it was found that 41% percent of the people use these machines.
  • Mobile Phones: 53% of people access Internet with the help of their Mobile/Smartphones.
  • Tablets: People of access internet with the help of their tablets were 6% by the end of 2016.

Let’s have a look at the number of hours spent daily on surfing the Internet

  • Tablet or PC users spent roughly about 5.5 hours daily on the internet.
  • Mobile phone users spent 4 hours for their internet related activities.
  • Time spent by people on social medial using different devices by the end of 2016 was 3.5 hours roughly.

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Mobile Internet Usage

  • The total number of active mobiles users in UAE recorded by the end of 2016 was 7.3 Million that around 77%.
  • 54% of the entire population actively used various social media applications by then.
  • People who actively watched videos on the internet with the help of their mobile phones were around 47%.
  • 35% were purely using mobile phones for communication and gaming purposes only.
  • 32% of the populations used different apps on their Smartphones to carry out business and banking activities.

The Big Picture

No one can deny the influences that have been made by the aforementioned smart devices, especially mobile phones. We humans have become extremely reliant on our Smartphones. There are businesses that may move with ignorant approach while on the other hand there are some businesses that are watching these stats very closely and taking them seriously.

Business owners in Dubai don’t want to give away their proportion of market slice and to do so they have to ensure that they reach their target audience via different mediums with ease and to achieve this task, they ensure that they are backed with a reliable and elite mobile apps Dubai based service provider who can provide them with appealing, swift, relevant and smart applications that may enable them to come closer to their audience and interact with them in an easy way.