Latest stats would be enough for one to see the growing ratio for Smartphone users that has touched the landmark of 2.5 billion during the last year and it is growing at constant pace. This amplified ratio also pushes the demands for smart apps that are a delight and treat to use. You now are enabled carry out different basic and core tasks with the help of these apps, i.e. from buying grocery to make payments for utility bills and even transferring funds from your bank accounts, the list may be long for the associated features though.

 In fast markets like Dubai, such trends are more in demand because of the fast paced life that this city possesses. This has shaped the world of Dubai apps to become further advanced and dynamic. Following are some latest trends that have taken the world of apps to further advance zones:

Cloud-driven Apps:

Corporate circles rely heavily on cloud-based applications in the modern world of businesses because of their low-cost nature. According to a survey carried out by the F5 Network, 81% of 3000 trades that were surveyed stated that their business process will soon be integrated with the cloud environment.

Cloud-driven Apps

A question that may pop up in one’s mind is that what are the ways in which cloud technology may influence the world of app development? The answer is pretty much straightforward to this query, i.e. Cloud technology enable mobile apps to reach out data plus utilize it to sync with other similar devices. Backed with features like disaster recovery, improved security, amplified collaboration and much more, businesses are keen to go for such apps in a dynamic and swift passion.

Internet of things is improving further:

The growing interest from business in the domain of cloud-backed apps opens the doors for further trends and this has irked the interest of developers last year. Internet of things is forecasted by the experts as the futures leading technological circles in the upcoming years. They believe that the number of consumers will increase when it comes to connect with physical objects of things with the help of IoT.

Internet of things

A best example here would be the self-driving cars that are introduced by Google because these cars rely on sensors, data communications trends that are wireless in nature plus other associated technology trends so as to connect with drivers and their environment. Management of traffic, operating vehicle and home appliances with the help of these apps are some more examples that can be considered to understand the advancements that may come our way in the near future.

Apple swift makes app development swifter:

Apple’s new programming language, ‘Swift’ seems to be turning the tables on the conventional Objective-C and this has perked up the momentum for iOS app development trends. Apple has already stated that its programming language ‘Swift’ is capable of integrating into Objective-C code in a seamless passion and that enables developers to write code in further reliable passion plus create apps that offer improved user experience.

Apple swift.png

A newer version by Apple was also introduced for programming language last year for developers following its announcement of introducing new features for Swift. This announced was made by Apple in the WWDC 2016 as Dubbed Swift 3, this latest released for language was made by Apple with its launch of iOS 10.

Artificial Intelligence:

2016 was very definitive in terms of artificial intelligence. IA has done considerably well when it comes to incorporating several fields however when it comes to app development the area of great consideration was its ‘machine learning’ feature. Algorithms are used generally by machine learning for the sake of data processing, it learns from these algorithms and based on these learning decisions and predictions are made that may be related to certain tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

Technology giants together with brands are keener to invest further in artificial intelligence so as to improve their learning span with regards to their customers. A good example here would be of the ‘North Face’, an active performer in the retail sector that has successfully incorporated artificial intelligence into an app last year with the help of IBM’s Watson. This dialogue based app enabled its clients to talk with and utilize it to find the desired jackets that are available for sale based on their gender, the app in addition also is capable to performed activities associated with location, the time of day and other similar tasks.

The emergence of enterprise Apps:

The core aim of an enterprise mobile application is to assist trade managers in streamlining the critical business operations and processes on the go. ‘Evernote’ business app can be classified as the best example in this scenario as it can enable teams to pool resources on tasks with the help of their mobile app remotely.

emergence of enterprise Apps

Customer relationship Management (CRM) app is yet another good example in this domain that enables an organization or a business to automate its critical pre-sale operations. Data associated with new leads and opportunities might be updated without any delays with the help of this app. This approach reduces the chances of mistakes and blunders plus enables one to assign various tasks to colleagues. Managerial staff or senior members in the organization can also benefit from the updated information regarding the available opportunities which may be perused by the organization with which they are associated.

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One may clearly see and observe the changing trends in the world of business that is shaping into digital world today, this gives us a clear idea about how important and vital it is for businesses to ensure that the information they are after is easily accessible and accurate irrespective of the markets in which they are operating for them to be able to lead the way with ease. If you are an active performer in Dubai markets and want to impress the business markets locally and internationally then you must benefit from the advanced world of Dubai Apps and get hands on apps that are custom built and are in line with your business needs.