Tech times:-

The world is going through technology transformation and any field that doesn’t cope with the latest trends is out of the race. One example of ever changing field is the development of new applications for cell phones and tablets. Gone are those days when only large brands and services had their application software to market them.

Growing trend of applications for businesses:-

Recent studies give us a clearer picture that more than 50% of small businesses either have launched their application for personalized devices or are going to launch it in a few months. This important factor has gained so much importance that now even small business prioritizes its own service software.

Latest trends:-

Some latest trends that we are definitely going to see in the year 2017 are below

Latest approach of Smartphone first:-

This means businesses/services will prioritize launching their service software for personalized devices first then for larger screen like laptop and desktop. This puts more emphasis on mobile app design Dubai because of the fact that cell phones are considered as the primary devices for browsing all over the world.

Benefits of Smartphone first:-

We all know cell phones have smaller screen then laptops, this feature forces the user to see limited content as compared to laptops or tablets. It enables the brands and developer to filter out the unnecessary information and emphasize more on displaying important content.

Getting Into The Mobile Zone In Grand Style

Primary device:-

Another important feature is that Smartphone is now considered as the primary device used all over the world. So more people are browsing and staying connected through their Smartphones which forces the software developers to emphasize on it even more.

Newest touch ID:-

Some time ago the technology of touch id was used only to unlock Smartphones. But recently it is being used in number of ways like verifying your drop box, accessing Amazon account, using apple pay and others. 2017 is the year which may help this technology become more common as it will help online verification process much convenient, safer and less time consuming.

Affective and striking fonts:-

In 2017 text fonts will matter a lot in Smartphone applications. The fonts should be adjusted in a way that it catches the eye of the user. A specific font should be considered that makes its appearance more attractive and balanced on the small screen. Sans-serif fonts are the most ideal as they are clear and easily understandable on screens with different resolutions.


More subdued contrasting of colors is set to take charge in 2017, between the font color and background. Some other tracking techniques between the letters may also be used to enhance the clarity and legibility of sans-serif.

Moving Animations:-

We all are more likely to get attracted to moving thing things instead of stationary things. So the trend of moving animation is also going to increase to help people get interested and attract them towards the service or product. Although it is not a new technique but it is expected to take over the stationary images in 2017.

There are a lot of other things that need to be considered before mobile app design Dubai to attract the users and make your application more effective, user friendly, easy to use and attractive.