Ask thousands of people, “What is the purpose of SEO”, and you will get only one answer that primary goal or objective of SEO is to get #1 ranking in search engines. But, the truth is that SEO is intended to give a competitive advantage to the businesses by generating leads for higher sales.

Most of the people are not aware of this very fact that their target is not the Google crawler but actually the targeted audience – customers. So, when SEO strategies are devised without considering the nucleus (customers or users) of the purpose, event rank # 1 is useless as it does not bring sustainability to your business.

The article is mainly designed to help the people understand the value of website search engine optimization for targeting the right audience. It is aimed to highlight that SEO strategy should focus on users’ needs instead of paying attention to trick Google spiders and crawlers.

Top reasons why you focus on web users rather crawlers

Nevertheless, the best thing about the internet is that people get their intended information with a span of seconds. You might be looking for tour guides in the Middle East, rented house in UK or events companies in UAE – all are available over the internet.

Initially, the businesses that wanted to generate higher sales use these search queries as the base of their content to get visibility in Google and other search engines. It was done to let the Google spiders know that particular business has the relevant services. Gradually, Google becomes smart enough to understand the trick of business people, and so modifications started to be implemented regularly.

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘getting the targeted and relevant traffic.” – Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

Presently, it is not imperative to impress Google for optimized ranking, but the primary purpose is to get noticed by the targeted audience to ensure business conversions. Let’s consider the detail:

Intent-Based Content Increase Conversion Rate

You may hear the slogan “content is the king” for more than a hundred times. But, it still has worth. It is because; website layouts, clean themes, HD graphics and other components are of no use if you are not providing relevant and precise information to the targeted audience.

For instance, if you are a company providing digital marketing to Dubai based businesses in particular and global businesses in general, you will surely have to generate localized content first. You can do this by understanding the intentions of local users and feed their requirements with your SEO-friendly content.

Quick Tip:

It is suggested to devise your content using inductive reasons as you should develop content for local SEO optimization. It will strengthen your foundation to aspire for globalized searches. You may get help from the “Answer the public” platform to explore user intents in detail.

Improved User Experienced Increase Rankings

An awe-inspiring experience of visiting a website may have different meanings to different people. It is because you cannot gauge the intangible expectations of the users quickly. A few might like to have optimal website navigation, or maybe people who want clean, responsive design.

In this way, a general criterion can be defined for websites to meet users’ expectations. It has been observed that slow and cumbersome websites have a higher bounce rate.  For instance, many people leave the ecommerce cart immediately if they find the process lengthy or tedious. Such things have a negative impact on business conversions.

Quick Tip:

You should consider offering the inspiring experience to the users with comprehensive website usability. With this, you can reduce the bounce rate of your website to boost conversion rates automatically. You are suggested to use “cross-browser testing tools” to ensure optimal user experience.

Problem-Solving Strategy Eliminates Risks

Ever you thought that why people search for different products or services over the internet? They do this to get the solution of problems they or their loved ones might be facing at that time. So, what should be your response? It’s simple – you should tell them the ways to solve the problem they are looking for.

But, this is not enough, as you should ensure to convince them regarding the perks of acquiring your services. In other words, you have to tell them persuasively that you can help them effectively.

Consider a scenario of a “training company in Dubai” whose targeted audience are the individuals having skills gaps in their workplace. While the potential customers look for adequate solutions to improve the skills of their workforce through training – the service provider should come up with handy solutions using their SEO approach.

Quick Tip:

It is better to narrow down your targeted niche for higher utilization of SEO resources. Don’t forget to focus on long-tail keywords for solution-oriented results in search results. You may use “Keyword everywhere tool’’ to get keyword diversity based on search relevancy, the proximity of idea and keywords competition. You can get better phrasal creativity to improve your website ranking by understanding the search intent of your visitors.

User-focused SEO Ensures Sustainability

The Google crawling algorithms and policies are aimed to help the users get their required information in an optimized manner. Owing to this very reason, the policies are modified to offer optimal search results based on user queries. Not only this, sudden shifts in search algorithms is to identify SEO trickery sites to blacklist thin content.

Therefore, you should come up with an innovative SEO plan while keeping the targeted audience into mind. It is essential because the ultimate purpose of any product or service is to ease the users but not to tease them.

So, if you want to acquire sustainability in website ranking in popular search engines, it is essential to follow this guide to improve your SEO ranking by ensuring trusted techniques.

Quick Tip:

You can deploy user-focused tools and techniques in ranking your website by examining Google SERP results, related queries, and quick answers statistics as well as using industry knowledge. It is better to use “Google trends” to ensure smart keyword planning.

Need Help with SEO?

Essential elements of optimizing websites for higher web visibility remain almost the same, but, it is necessary to keep an eye on the latest SEO trends to comply with changing requirements. So, you must have an in-depth understanding of cost-effect benefit analysis when it comes to deploying a comprehensive SEO strategy for businesses.

Although technology is accessible to all and sundry, it does not mean that you have the mastery of everything. Sometimes, it is better to trust the industry specialists as they can offer you the diversity of experience and foresightedness.

For this reason, it is always suggested to look for well-reputed SEO Services Company Dubai to assist you in devising your website optimization from scratch. So, feel free to trust the reliable services providers for comprehensive SEO solutions specifically tailored for your business!

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