Visual characteristics are one of the top things which increase the interest of the customers. When it comes to digital presence, then people tend to have higher expectations. Most of the websites have images to enhance the importance of the words. However, not every picture is going to make a big impression; thus the addition of images should be handled well.

A website is going to be a representative of your business and people are going to judge your business by that. So the aim should be to give one of the best possible experiences for anyone who is visiting your site.

Images should add value to your content and captivate the attention of the visitors. They also should make the content more useful and meaningful. But not every image has the power to do so.

Therefore, if you are not sure regarding which image to select and how to add it to website to make an impact, then read on the article till the end to get more information!

Adding images to website consider the essential things:

Images play a significant role in catching the attention of the customers because it gives meaning to the words. People are able to connect well with the words and thus be able to judge the products or services you are offering.

Following are some essential elements one should consider before adding images to their website;

Size of the image:

The image should be of the standard size and format (new image format webp by Google) so that they are visible to the customers. When the image size is too small, then people are not able to clearly understand what is going on in the picture taking away the whole essence. Thus the image should have the standard sizes and format to be displayed on the website.

Avoid blinking of images:

It is one of the most irritating things for any reader to have a blinking image around. There is no hide and seek game happening so animated images should be avoided until they are absolutely necessary. The quality of the picture should also be highest with no blur if it is zoomed in.

Alt tags:

A picture without description means nothing, and that is when alt tags strike in. The purpose of the alt attribute tag is to provide a description of the image to search engines. Presence of this tag not only enhances the accessibility of the website but also is the core of SEO. As, it provides the text behind the image to the visitors whose browsers are not showing the image due slow connection or any other reason.

Final words:

Images are the core of any website, and they should be presented with the highest quality and proper description. Keep in mind these considerations when you are adding images to website, and if you are not able to pull off then, you need to check out the services of web designing company in Dubai because they know how to do that it professionally.

Happy web designing!

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