How easy has life and meals become due to the presence of food delivery apps across the nation? Not only is life easier but the level of convenience provided by these apps is unmatched. As they work to make the lives of foodies, hunger-stricken customers, it’s become harder to prove oneself in the sea of food delivery services!

In the UAE, food delivery apps saw a market size of about 13.2 billion dollars in the year 2018. An increase from 12.2% in the year 2016 and the numbers will be hired in the future. With so many people now relying on food delivery services the market may have become saturated.

But who said you can’t still stand out among your competitors! Incorporate essential delivery app features, and you’re good to go! Better still, hire the best mobile app development companies in Dubai and stand out among your competitors in the world of delivery apps.

Essential features for your food delivery app

If you want to stand out in the world of food delivery apps, you’ll need to be better than the rest! Incorporate essential food ordering app features, and you’re bound to be the best amongst the rest!

Essential Food Delivery App Features

Detailed info about restaurants

It annoys customers to see wrong information about eating places around town. And it doesn’t take much to make it a wrong memorable experience for the wrong reasons. It also contributes to a negative impact on future orders.

Tip: an easy way to keep restaurant pages updated is to allow client restaurants to update their information on a regular basis. No restaurants would want the wrong information available about their food!

Catch all nearby restaurants

With the advancement in GPS technology, users have the ability to locate any nearby eating places. The app should allow users to enter their city and locate all restaurants near them with the topmost ratings. The customers can then choose where to buy from.

Add to the food basket

Similar to e-stores, the Add to Cart option is way too convenient for customers as it allows them to look through the menu, add or remove items from the list, all from the same platform without having to flip through pages, as with real-time menus.

Multiple payment methods

Much like the customers at your restaurants, some customers prefer paying through Debit Cards/ credit cards, whereas others prefer paying with cash. As numerous other methods become available for payment solutions, it’s important to allow customers the ease to pay with whatever method they feel comfortable with.

Provide different mode of payment on your app to allow the customer’s freedom to choose one they find convenient.

Customer accounts

Allow users to create accounts to allow hassle-free management of information. Users can perform various activities if they have themselves registered with your app. They can edit their mode of payments, handle change in addresses and also change any orders or edit them if they want.

Track my order!

Live tracking orders are beneficial to both, the customers and the restaurants. For the customers, it’s easier to view your order online regardless of where you are. For, however, its hassle free, as customers aren’t calling them up repeatedly to know where their food parcel is!

Responsive design

Responsiveness is perhaps the most critical aspect of a app design you choose for your services and products. Responsive design should be able to cater to the needs of everyone. Buyers, competitors, and the development team themselves.

Search engine optimization

Every time a new app or website is developed, it becomes important to keep it among the top ranking one over the web. This helps customers locate your app when they’re looking for relevant information.

To be able to rank high in the global searches for 2019, it’s essential for your content to be optimized for search over the web. If it isn’t? No one will ever know your app, exists!

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Take away!

With numerous food ordering apps available today, taking orders and delivering food to your doorstep. It’s a race for the best among the rest, and the features above are just what you need to excel! Opt for experts in mobile app development companies and let your app take over the world of food delivery services!


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