The world of designing is always going to be volatile, the more you play with it and evolve it the better the chances are going to be when it comes to new styles, ideas and designs. The same is going to be the case with graphic, web and other design related field.

In complex markets, things may come hard at one always and this factor will keep one on his/her toes. Dubai can be a good example here, because it is highly competitive, fast and furious in nature.

The chic nature of course cannot be over looked as well. For one as a business owner, keen on getting hands on a website and great logo design that can make the difference real, sticking to the basics would help to a great extent.

Hot Logo Design Trends in 2019

Basics associated with design are always going to remind you about the target markets, nature of the audience and your business type. Focusing on this trio will make things achievable for you and will enable you to rule the markets in a grand passion.

Following are some core areas that shall be borne in mind while going for hot logo design trends:

Trend # 1 – Minimalism:

In minimalism it is all about removing the unwanted details and including only the required and necessary ones. It has been around for quite some time now and is anticipated to sustain its presence and fame throughout 2019.

With few colors, effects and simple forms that are backed with active focus, minimalism  design may enable one to come up with an appealing logo that may be proudly used across different platforms and backgrounds.

Minimal logo Design

Trend # 2 – Letter stacking:

The application of text is yet another easy way that may help one in creating a visually appealing and an original logo. Professional graphic designers utilize this approach to broadcast a huge message on a particular logo design in succinct way.

Text may be stacked vertically or horizontally plus paired with several elements that are associated with graphics. These type of logos help in indulging the visitors attentions and may lead customer to focus more on the text that has been stacked.

Letterstacking Logo Design

Trend # 3 –  Text Logos:

Up till now, logos that are classic in nature gets further attention because they are classified to be effective and relevant even today by expert designers. Good examples here would be Coca Cola, Sony, IBM and Asus (the list however is not limited to these names only, there are millions of examples that will advocate this point).

Back in 2018, expert logo designers utilized several fonts that were merged using the minimalist approach. Some examples here would be increased and decreased levels for kerming, stylization plus a combination of styles (handwritten to be precise here).

Text logos Design

Trend # 4 – Lettering:

For a refine and elegant look, designers add the idea of lettering. It is classified as the best choice for particular types of businesses. Businesses like restaurants, cafes and hotels normally opt for lettering because they know that this will enable them to communicate with their customers in a professional and sophisticated manner.

Experts believe that this hot logo design trend of lettering is here to stay in 2019 and will not be going anywhere during this year and beyond.


Trend # 5 – Flatter designs:

This type is very similar to the minimalist one due to its fine and clean aesthetics devoid of unwanted tweaks. It is known for communicating with comfort and clarity. Neat visual solutions and austere are worthwhile alternative options to 3D icons with gradients and shadows.

Simple yet very appealing logos that are created with the help of latest flat design techniques shall be your best bet, because they have the ability to go the distance.


Trend # 6 – Gradients:

With basic and simple logo design trends in 2019 rising up, gradients could have easily become a thing from the past but there are many organizations together with Apple that were confident that gradients will comeback. They are still used in the world of design and have been the key source of change in trends and concepts lately.

In modern world if there is anything that best defines gradient then that would be simplicity, not very long ago gradient was all about applying bold combinations and bright colors and these approaches used to add volume and depth to the design.

Presently, experts in this domain obtain this landmark with the help of material design colors and muted colors.


Trend # 7 – Line Art:

There are multiple facets associated with minimalism. Practitioners in this domain while carrying out the design task apply simple and clean images. One of the daring minimalist approaches is the line art. It enables one to apply dark and solid colored line in order to sketch images. It helps greatly in blending images and text together.

Line art Logo Design

Trend # 8 – Stencil Typography:

With this you can create highly appealing logos. Stencil forts are available in different sizes and all forms. One can therefore look up for the one that may prove to be a best fit for one’s business type. Logos that are backed with a visual hierarchy are catchier and easily remembered and it is this factor that will enable stencil typography to survive in 2017 as well.


Trend # 9 – Black and White Logos:

Using these two colors only has been classified as one of the highly eccentric concepts in the world of graphic designing. Logos relying on this type feature different font styles and geometrical trends.


Variety of colors has always been under core consideration by designers as they have been relying on them all the time. Just lately have black and white turned out to be the 2 ruling colors.

The process of further exploration is underway by designers because they are keen that these two colors may help in bringing in unique and appealing graphic solutions. This hot logo design trend has enabled many business owners to broadcast the philosophy of their business without using colors that are bright and just relying on these two colors.

Trend # 10 – Overlapping Gradients:

This type touched the peaks of success back in 2018 where easy geometrical types were overlapped to introduce new styles and trends. Initially the idea associated with this type was to use animal related logo designs. With the passage of time it gains momentum and popularity across the globe as many leading businesses opted for it.

A good example here would be of MasterCard’s elite logo, expert logo designers from Pentagram added new life in to MasterCard’s logo by removing the text from image logo and dropping shadows. The outcomes were in the form of a memorable and clean logo. This trend for logo design is believed to rule in most cases throughout 2019.

Overlapping Gradients Logo Design.png


Trend # 11 – Geometrical shapes:

This idea has been around for quite some time now; easy geometrical shapes are believed to be the center of attention during 2019. These shapes are extremely useful when it comes to the creation of unique and chic logos.

Together with this, professionals are also enthralled by eccentric geometrical models. For instance, last year was deemed as they year of colorful polygons, both asymmetrical and symmetrical.

Geometrical shapes Logos

Trend # 12 – Framed text:

Using a frame that is rectangular, triangular or circular in shape one as a designer can grab the attention of clients toward the text part of their logo. One can get hands on appealing icons using this simple yet very smart logo design trend in 2019.


Trend # 13 – Hand-made logos:

This logo trend will outshine many other logo design trends in 2019. Logos made with hand opens room for creativity based on wide array of effects that are visual, comprising grunge, vintage as well as children’s images.

Major success and advantages associated with this approach are one hundred percent brand recognition and uniqueness.

Hand-made logos Design

Trend # 14 – Negative Space:

This is huge, experts believe that there is a lot more potential associated with negative space that is yet to be explored.

We see design, but when a design starts to speak to the viewers, they understand the message conveyed to them immediately. A design that is out of the ordinary must be backed with added thoughts and it should not be an effort focused on meeting the eye.

This is why experts are certain that professional logo designer will pursue with their experiments by focusing more on the application, utilization and usage of negative space so as to get their hands on an in-depth understanding of this appealing technique.

Negative Space Design Logos

The final word:

Points mentioned above are based on predictions made by experts after analyzing the previous year logo design trends.

However, professional logo designers in Dubai associated with this highly creative field are ready to take you by surprise and impress your clients to give latest and fresh touch to your logos.

Businesses on the other hand seems to have read the script well and are keener to get their hands on logos that can speak to their clients by helping them in understanding the business nature.



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