Content writing and SEO are connected to each other. Both of these work in tandem to maintain the balance. The first and the foremost thing that we hear from experts is that the blog content should be SEO friendly.

Useful SEO content writing tips to improve ranking

Many people want more and more traffic on their sites and blogs, but it’s only possible if you follow the tips and tricks for better SEO friendly content. Below are some of the tricks that you can follow to improve the traffic on your website and with that have your site well placed in the search engines.

A healthy and suitable topic:-

Always come up with a suitable topic that attracts the readers and has information or content that is worth reading for the readers. It doesn’t matter if the topic that you chose has already been selected and written by someone else, but it should always be original.

Genuine content:-

According to Dubai SEO services company never ever copy someone’s writing to your content. Search engines especially Google is very strict on the plagiarism rule. According to Google it is a crime! Search engines would never rate your website or blog if the content is plagiarized or availed from unauthorized source.

Simple is beautiful:-

Always write simple and user friendly content. Never use lots of technical wordings in content. You may be an expert in a field about which you are writing but people are not. They got nothing to do with your creativity. All they want is simple text that can be understood easily.

Prioritize your customers:-

Always write content for the public first then the search engine. Public is going to buy your service/product or idea, search engine is not going to buy anything from you. So prioritize your content for the readers.

Engaging and reader friendly content:-

The content has to be friendly and engaging for the readers. All the writer’s hard work and research is of no use if it doesn’t have the interest factor for the reader. An ideal SEO friendly content is regarded as that which engages the reader and forces him to take action (follow, subscribe,etc). Search engines are definitely going to like and value your content if the reader is showing interest.

Some other SEO content writing tips search engines like

Catchy headlines:-

A catchy headline saves a reader time and gives him an idea of what is written in the paragraph. It also improves the click through rate, resulting in the positive ranking of the website.

Short paragraphs:-

Not only readers but also the search engines like short paragraphs and sentences. According to SEO experts a paragraph should not be longer than 4 to 5 lines. Each sentence must contain 12 to 15 words at most.

That’s all for your SEO friendly content!

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