If you are asked to create a website, keep it in your mind that creating a professional site is not an easy task. To be creative is not enough for an excellent website design because it requires time, effort, experience, understanding of the best design practices that are already on the market.

As a result, web designers and software development companies all over the world need the web designers the most and are getting high employment.

The best approach tackled by various web designers is to recognize their rivals and competitors. Likewise, best practices are to investigate the design and writing patterns, small and important patterns of the competitor’s website, how to create a website, how to configure, and how much is the website responsive.

We can only see what competitors are doing and what we are doing, so we need to do research and analysis first. You can learn a lot from your business rival. Let the web design Dubai to assist you in getting the world-class responsively created website for your business.

Some of the elements that a designer should consider in competitor’s website design are as follow:


The homepage is the first page of the website that is visited by the visitor through the Internet search engine. It contains products that the company wants to display in a particular way and a specific manner. A decent and attractive website attracts spectators and visitors. Proper placement of elements, for example, computer graphics, text can make visitors dig deeper into the site and force them to revisit the website again.

A critical review of the competitor’s homepage or websites, such as their similarities, differences, and best practices, can help to have a better website design.


The layout is another crucial element of website designing, which requires the full attention of web designers. It can affect the reaction and behavior of the visitors, so proper placement should be good because improper placement has the worst impact on visitors and viewers.

When visiting the competitor’s website, you need to note the overall website experience critically. The business’s website must contain clean and non-confusing elements that allow visitors to easily and quickly see the main elements of the site.

Color Scheme

The selection of color variations is an essential task for the implementation, as it should be done with the target audience. Color must not penetrate and must not dull to the eyes. It should be surprising and attractive to the visitors.

We need to carefully consider how our competitors use color variations on their website. Is the color too light or too dark? Is the color scheme consistent with all offline and online elements, especially with logos, website designs, social accounts, and blogs? After careful analysis, we will begin to work as a professional web company.

Social Media Accounts

Connecting to social networks is critical for attracting new customers and expanding your business. The latest website designs include social networking buttons on websites.

It makes it easier to access social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks. It has become a common trend that web design Dubai for e-commerce and custom projects always includes social networking buttons.

Visiting the competitor’s website and paying attention to how they relate their businesses to your social account. Do you have buttons on the social network for your website? How can you turn it on? Visitors are interested in using all elements of your site, so they click to check it out. If you are interested, make sure you visit again.


To attract and target high-quality content to the website, the right combination of designing and content is a part of website design, and should not be ignored. Once the task is completed correctly, it will give a guide to the visitor where to go, where you click, and what type of business it is.

If you constantly monitor your competitor’s site and find the content of your site more accurate and more systematic, you’ll understand how to use the same method to provide relevant and convincing content to the visitors.

Numerous web design companies are working in Dubai that is providing an excellent web-based solution, but only a few ones could be able to prove an innovate design to its clients. It is pretty challenging to find the best web designing company in Dubai.


No one is perfect in this world, but you can always learn from others. To be a sound designer, and successful in the IT industry, you need to know about our competitors and their strategies.

So even if the rival or your company’s competitor believes that you are the most significant enemy of them, they will no longer be beneficial as they could be the best teachers.

Remember! Never shy to ask from others who have specialized in the respective field. For instance, it’s better to hire professional web design solutions providers in Dubai instead of getting panic over the complex things in business portfolios over the Internet.

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