The mobile revolution is well and truly here.

In 2017, internet usage over smartphones overtook desktop computers for the first time in tech history, and industry experts are predicting mobile phone will only become more dominant as time goes on, with the mobile app industry expected to reach 190 billion dollars in revenue by 2020.

If you run a business and haven’t yet built a mobile app, you’re running the risk of losing millions of dollars in lost sales and thousands of potential customers. Get with the times, be smart, and have a dedicated mobile app built for your business from one of the Dubai apps design specialists.

If you’re planning on doing the task yourself, we’ve put together a list of 10 do’s and don’ts of basic mobile app design that you’ll need to keep in mind. Don’t stray too far from these trends and practices, and you’ll have an engaging, fun-to-use application in no time which brings in customers and boosts your business.

Dubai Apps - 10 Do’s And Don’ts of Mobile App Design
10 Do’s And Don’ts of Mobile App Design

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