What are the top digital marketing trends in 2018? How to know about best marketing trends? Where can we find latest trends in the digital marketing?

These different questions arise in each and every marketing team and organization, whether it is a new startup or well established business. Which is why many researches and studies are conducted out there on latest marketing technologies and tools to know how one can engage with the target audience and prospect customers?

Have a look and adopt these future marketing trends that will for sure help you to engage with your loyal customers. Let’s discover the top 8 trends you should know about as you strategize for the upcoming year.


Video Marketing and Usage

Being the booming factor in 2017 visual trends, video marketing has still gain more importance in 2018. Almost every organization is employing video for customer engagement and branding in every part of marketing.

In fact, it is concluded that video usage will be 80 % of total internet traffic by 2020. Also, people love watching the live video too, and it’s just another importance that video marketing has gained.

According to a research stated that 80% of the user giving more importance to watch live video as compared to reading an article or piece of content, according to the FaceBook live video gets 3x view more.

Mobile Video Consumption Will Grow

If you’re not getting more from mobile searches and have not optimized your website for mobile users, then you are losing half of your customers online. In fact, if your website is not mobile friendly, a search engine like Google will penalize you.

Also, it is a well-known factor that mobile searches have surpassed desktop users in 2017. Because more users are spending much of their lives staring at their phones. It is predicted that mobile video consumption will reach up to 25% in 2018, so get a head of the competition now by planning a mobile video strategy.

Utilization of Chatbots

Waiting for customer service can be a nightmare, but thanks to chatbots – AI- powered live chat tools – customers can receive immediate responses to basic, repeatable questions. As this technology becomes more advanced, expect to see more companies embrace chatbots to improve online customer service.

Storytelling through visual design and content

It is human nature to love good stories, so it’s easy to see why so many businesses are focusing on crafting stories into their digital marketing with social media evolving from a traffic generation channel into a customer engagement platform.

Companies will seek to delight customers through creative storytelling and transparency about their brand purpose utilizing both visual design and content.

Rise in the social media advertising

In past, organic searches have created a huge impact on generating sturdy traffic and engagement. But now the case is completely different, companies are now showing more interest in social media advertising because of the great influence of social media in our day to day life.

Increases in the number of users in social platforms tend businesses to use social advertising to grow their ventures and generate leads and conversions. Although organic reach is still the most important part of attracting potential customers, the business owners are tending towards paid marketing because of generating a huge amount of traffic in the very low time span.

Growth Hacking

Although many will call it a buzzword, growth hacking remains top of mind for the entrepreneur looking to grow and scale their business quickly. A phrase coined by Sean Ellis, growth hacking involves experimentation of different marketing approves to exponentially grow sales. For 2018, expected to see marketers explore video and SEO marketing as growth hacking methods.

User generated content will gain more importance

Customer trust one another’s opinions more than ads or celebrity endorsements. In fact, 66% of customers trust other buyers opinions posted online in form of products review and testimonials.

Which is why so many ventures are turning to user generated content to boost conversion and sales. If you haven’t leveraged this form of content yet, adding testimonial and review to your website is an easy way to jump on this trend.

Interactive content will create more engagement

Gone are the day when companies could simply upload plain text blog posts and receive massive traffic. To engage with target audience in 2018, small and large businesses will have to use more integrative forms of content – think quizzes, polls, and videos – in their content marketing strategy.