Homepage slider is a topic of hot debates among the website owners and web designers. The owners of website usually love to have a slider on their websites. However, designers are a bit reluctant to implement the idea as they consider it counterproductive for the functionality of a website.

The web designers and developers have a strong viewpoint about the usage of slider controls in websites. A majority of people like and get attracted towards sliders while others consider it a source of distraction.

So, let us see what the slider on website homepage literally means and how it can be used to make an informative and attractive website to engage users.

Website Sliders

The term slider is used to refer to a display of images in an animated format. It creates a slideshow on a web page. For instance, a slider can be in the form of rapidly changing images to make website design Dubai highly attractive and interactive. Further, it can also be used as a rotating carousel comprised of products info-graphs or photos.

Generally, sliders are incorporated in almost all types of websites. However, web designers usually incorporate slideshows to showcase businesses portfolios. When there is a need to show quick options to make selection easy for users, sliders are always there for help.

The Love Hate Relation

The use of sliders is advocated by various people owing to its usability and effectiveness in presenting information. However, many people are against the use of sliders because it makes website slow and can distract visitors’ attention.

Therefore, a love-hate relation exists between the proponents and opponents regarding the use of homepage sliders. Opinions from both sides are given below to help you understand the importance of sliders for websites.

Critics’ viewpoint

According to the viewpoint of critics, sliders are extremely confusing because they present multiple choices at once. It can create confusions in the minds of people leading to irritation and distraction. In order to support their argument, they give the following reasons:

  • Sliders are often treated as advertisements and visitors skip them quickly.
  • Sliders slow down the loading speed of web pages that have an adverse impact on conversion ratio
  • Sometimes, sliders are inappropriate for mobile transitions
  • Sliders sometimes require more space causing limited content on a website.

Therefore, critics recommend the use of static pictures and information presentation instead of using sliders.

Proponents’ Viewpoint

Completely opposite to the critics, many website designers and owners strongly advocate the use of sliders and vehemently love it. They support their argument in the following way:

  • Sliders help in saving space by presenting consolidated information
  • Sliders are highly helpful in keeping visitors engaged and involved in presented data
  • Sliders are a major source to prevent distraction as they present images and text in a compact way.
  • It gives the authority to the users to visit their desired option or choice directly. Further, they can either learn about all available choices to make decisions easy.

Therefore, sliders in website design are a perfect combination of fashion and functionality. So, they should not have given a bad impression.

Actually, sliders give an aesthetic outlook to the overall website design. It is easy to attract visitors and engage them for a long time with the help of homepage sliders.

When and Why to Use Sliders

It is true that sliders are not useful for every website. However, designers can make it work perfectly by using it at the right place. Here’s a glance at significance and usability of sliders that works wonders for websites.

Website Homepage Slider

Make products showcasing easy with sliders

Sliders are highly useful for businesses purpose websites. The main aim of such websites is to generate revenue by engaging customers. Therefore, if you want to showcase your products in a limited space with compactness, sliders are of great use.

Highlight novel information in a comprehensive manner

When a user visits the website for the first time, he might be completely unaware of the aim and purpose of web design. A content slider at homepage provides a brief introduction of the purpose of the website. Further, it helps the users to comprehend information in order to make decisions.

Present and Update Photograph Galleries in a few clicks

Sliders offer easy and affordability in many ways. You can upload business portfolios in the form of pictures with the help of sliders. An updated collection of photographs are considered a fascinating evidence of products quality and organization’s trustworthiness.

Connecting Words: To sum up

Website design Dubai offers various options to make businesses portfolios appealing and highly engaging on the part of visitors. The use of sliders on the homepage is crucial to make interactive websites. However, the place of sliders and amount of information play a central role in the success of the design. Further, sliders have gone beyond just a display of images. It has become an effective tool for information presentation. Therefore, appropriate use of sliders creates an immersive experience of internet browsing.