Popular, leading ecommerce retailers have managed to maintain a smooth-running and time-saving flow within the sphere of their daily marketing tasks. This is because they are all using ecommerce marketing automation tools. Ever wondered why you enjoy shopping on websites like Amazon and why the experience feels so personalized? If it was not marketing automation, this would not be the case.

You are lucky that the ads shown to you on your preferred shopping destinations show products that are in stock and the emails you receive from them are personalized rather than generic. If you have made a few purchases at a specific website, shopping there now probably feels like they know you and your preferences fairly well.

The credit for all of this goes to marketing automation and this is just one reason your ecommerce website needs it too, if you wish to expand and grow your business. Your company has probably gathered a lot of data and knowledge about your customers.

Whether you are in a Middle Eastern country like the UAE or in the West, marketing automation for ecommerce business can help you utilize them and automatically incorporate them into your marketing endeavors.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Ecommerce solutions providers in Dubai often define marketing automation as the approach of using software programs for automatic marketing tactics. In simpler words, ecommerce automation in marketing is if you use a software program to automatically post on your company’s social media pages, segment email lists, send targeted email sequences, and show personalized advertisements on your ecommerce website.

All You Need To Know About Marketing Automation

Once such tasks are automated, your employees will have more time to spend on other critical areas of your business. However, this does not mean that you will no longer require the services of a marketing agency. Someone will still have to write the emails and new posts for the social media pages, and someone will still have to be involved in lead generation.

If your ecommerce business has a marketing team, automation will actually boost the sales they generate, while reducing the time they spend doing it. Ecommerce automation may also eliminate the need for having an excessively large marketing team since all the marketing work would be automated. The services of a marketing agency would still be a necessity, but the number of employees required as a part of such a team would be fewer.

Reasons Behind The Importance of Ecommerce Marketing Automation

If you are still wondering why you should leverage marketing automation ecommerce  for your business company, here are some other persuasive reasons that could help you understand.

  • It will foster creativity within your company’s marketing efforts while eliminating repetitiveness. The marketing will spend more time on creating and innovating the marketing content rather than manually posting it and manually sending emails, which are tasks that can easily be automated.
  • It will open doors to other marketing platforms that you could try. Since automation is far more cost-effective compared to paying an employee, you would not have to invest too much money and time into testing other marketing platforms.
  • It will also help you monitor the effectiveness and success of your ecommerce business’s digital marketing campaign. The software you use will provide you with valuable data so you may modify your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • It will help ensure that your marketing strategy is consistent because that is essential for it to succeed. In order to maintain a positive image for ecommerce brand, you must regularly post on your company’s and send emails to your existing, loyal customers. This way, your business’s online presence will remain stable, and it will be able to reach out far and wide in the market.


Christmas has passed, but the Holiday Season is still underway, and now is the perfect time to leverage marketing automation eCommerce to boost the conversation rate and sales of your business before 2019 is over.

Any leading ecommerce solutions provider can help you implement and incorporate effective ecommerce marketing automation in your business and its existing marketing strategy. All you need to be stop giving in to repetition and start embracing automation.