Most of the employees even at Google are unaware about the Algorithms. How actually they are doing searches? Very few of them really know. Similarly, a lot of people are very less aware about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but even then they are really overconfident about it.

The lack of knowledge about SEO and Google algorithms has been the real cause behind so many search engine optimization myths we commonly hear. Let’s talk about some of the myths in this article:

Myth #1 – It’s a Big Scam

The scammers who are selling fake SEO services could be found dialing random numbers from the telephone directory book. Never ever try to hire those people. Instead of hiring them you can do the optimization of your website on your own. By just a little effort you would be able to get your website indexed in Google. Google will also pay you off even if you make a little effort.

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You can start writing your own keywords, description and Meta tags for all the pages of your website. It will surely be far better than hiring a scammer calling you on your cell phone.

For top-notch SEO services Dubai is the right place where you could find numerous search engine optimization firms who could benefit you highly in this regards.

Myth #2 – Keywords are everything

Another really common myth of SEO is, by writing your keyword in your Meta Keyword section of your website can be worthy in getting your website ranked.

Can you really believe or think that writing just a couple of words in your keyword section box will get your website ranked in Google? Do you really think that the Google Algorithms are that easy and they will just put you in the rankings for this act?

Once you are done with the titles, descriptions, keywords, then put your focus on the other content of your website which is way important for the ranking factor.

Myth #3 – Social Media Doesn’t Matter

Well, that’s another myth which is un-understandable. How can one say that social media has no role in ranking a website? This is an era of socialization. Google algorithms highly observe that how many followers, post readers, commenters and likers a website content or post has?

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The more a post or content has followers, likers and commenters; the more it will get benefit in getting ranked quickly in Google search engine.

Myth #4 – HTML Validator Errors Won’t Allow Your Website to Rank

It is another really big myth and misconception about the SEO factors. There are a lot of people who would tell you that if your website show you HTML Validator Error then you cannot rank your website. But that’s not the truth in reality.

The most influential factor in ranking a website is its high quality content. If your content is of high quality then it can cover any kind of HTML errors which your website has got. That’s why, focus more on the content and less on the HTML validator.

​Myth #5 – One Time SEO is just enough for your website

People often think that a website needs search engine optimization service once and that’s all. But it is completely wrong, the Google algorithms keep on changing with the passage of time, so it causes a lot of changes in the positioning of websites. That’s why, a website even after complete SEO and getting ranked in the top of Google needs maintenance service afterwards.

Your website doesn’t need one time SEO only. It needs ongoing optimization to maintain its positioning in the search engine and avoid the drastic drop down in the results.