As far as the benefits and comfort-ability are concerned, the mobile apps are leading the market right now. They are the hottest trend right now and every business around the globe is trying to launch their very own business app to provide better user experience to the customers and clients. The users have also become more mobile centered and that’s why they prefer mobile apps which provide them really smooth and better user experience as compared to the mobile apps.

The mobile apps are yet popular and most of the websites use to be mobile friendly. That is an important formality or compulsion you can say, which everyone fulfills at the first go whatever the situation is. There are numerous well-known web development companies in Dubai and around the UAE who can help you out a great deal for this reason. Let’s compare the mobile websites with mobile apps to understand the difference a bit.

Mobile Websites:

Let’s talk about some of the main features and benefits of mobile websites which are as follows.


They are compatible for every kind of browsers and devices. You can see that the mobile friendly sites provide a better user experience across all kinds of devices.

Easy to Setup:

You can set them up easily on your server. You only need a domain and server. That’s all. There is no need for an app store account for its setup.

Price is not really high:

The price of the mobile sites is not really. You can get them developed in an affordable cost which is a really big plus for you.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps are the latest and hot trend in the market. That’s why for mobile app development Dubai and all across the UAE, you could find numerous software houses really easily. Following are some of the worthwhile benefits it provides us.

Smooth and Better User experience:

The user experience of the mobile apps is really smooth and better. It keeps the user engaged and doesn’t distract him any time during its use.

Push Notifications:

Mobile apps can provide us instant updates right away with the help of the push notifications even if you are not using the mobile at a particular time.

Excellent Performance:

The performance of these apps is really excellent. They are faster than the websites. That’s why the users prefer them mostly.