The web design holds key importance in boosting online conversion and sales. It is the most integral and non-negligible part of the web development. There are a lot of firms providing web solutions in Dubai and all around the world. But it’s important to give significant importance to web design as well.

The appearance of the website is something which can attract or distract a website visitor. This is the reason why the focus is on website design most of the times. For web design Dubai and in other cities of the UAE, we easily find a lot of well-known firms who have been offering top-notch services for years.

Web Design Trends To Boost Up Conversions And Sales | Web Design Dubai

Wide Full Screen Images:

The full-width and wide-screen images attract the user’s right away. This attraction eventually become the first step towards successful conversion.

Split Screen Layouts:

There are mainly two types of users, male and female. With the help of split screen layout and using a questionnaire scenario, you can take each user to the right landing page.

Colors Attraction:

Color also attract the users a great deal. That’s why, make sure to make your website pleasantly attractive by using right color schemes.

Explainer Videos:

The explainer videos are also said to be really effective in boosting conversion rate and sales. With the use of such videos, you can tell your customers why you are the right choice for them.

Mobile Responsiveness:

How can you forget or miss the need of mobile responsiveness. It is definitely the most important thing one need to take care of for improved conversion rates.


Use of the animations also grab the attention of the website visitors. The more you attract them and keep them engaged via animations, the more it helps you improve sales.