It is always going to be difficult to keep a track of heavy amendments that have been taking place in the world of search engine optimization. One may in the end stick to any one SEO strategy or trend, just to know more about its validity as in whether is it still applicable or is outdated. In such a scenario, one will definitely have to learn more about the strategy that has taken even the existing ones that are now forbidden by Google.

To know more about the core trends associated with optimization practices in 2017 and beyond, a small scale survey was carried out with experts in order to get a better and clearer insight. This was done in order to ensure that those in pursuit of great organic results in complex markets like Dubai have their hands on fruitful information and an insight about the future trends so that they can act accordingly in a timely manner.

Experts are of the view that trends like epic and quality content, mobile optimization, voice search, artificial intelligence, micro formats were classified as the core trends that shall be watched closely in the year 2017.

Search engine optimization trends for 2017

Technical search engine optimization practices are turning out to be crucial, some of them, for instance mobile apps SEO and AMP pages cannot and shall not be overlooked. Intelligent and smart Dubai SEO service providers are aware of all the said factors and they ensure that their clients do not have to suffer and are professionally served by them.

To be at the top of search ranks, one must not overlook at the significance of optimizing for local SEO and micro formats. No matter if the content is long or short, but one must ensure that it is epic.

SEO Optimization Trends and Votes

The grip: The shift is heading towards paid channels simply because organic results are displaced by a blend of additional and larger ads.

Market Consolidation: Strong consolidation amid different vertical search platforms is taking place in order to counter Facebook and Google’s chewing up a major proportion of the value chain. This trend may have already been noticed by many in the area such as travel where Expedia obtained Orbitz and Travelocity.

Algorithmically Generated Content: Professional SEO trends are based on the blended “algorithmic” content when it comes to bigger platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

A casual approach in this domain may make things difficult for one to achieve as a webmaster or business owner with an online presence. Things may be dealt with professional in such complex markets where the margin for error is zero.