It is hard to focus on the coming year’s programming and designing innovations. It requires solid understanding of the last year’s trends that were expected. Additionally, the success percentage of last year’s predictions does have an important role in specifying latest web design trends for the years onward.

No one can deny nor disagree with the fact that UAE development market is gradually dominating the world. With countless reputable web designing companies, everyone is looking forward for what innovations 2017-2018 are offering.

We (the professional designing team) have worked together with specialized team leaders on the same vision. Some surprising web design innovations of 2017 and onward are presented below.

Web Designer and Developers Collaboration:

The main purpose of team work is to produce and implement latest but dynamic ideas. When designer and developers will work together to collaborate on the same design, the produced will be more relative and advanced design.

GIF for Drawing Attention:

Once GIF images are used on the right way, it is a cultured way to attracting more visitors to your website. Right usage of GIF images is an efficient way of developing understanding and attraction for people. However, 3D effects are the alternative way of attracting visitors to know about you.

Google Maps Customization:

Users are looking uninterested in the way Google Maps are used on websites for location identification. User’s need some customization and personalization as well on their own side. Designers must focus on their styles to allow the same for visitors on their sites.

Frameworks Usage:

Web frameworks have cut down the total of designing and development time and alternatively offer the most groundbreaking and aligned designs. Pre-made themes and frameworks are the focus of designers and developers.

Homepage Background Videos:

Homepage background videos can deliver stories behind services the provider is offering. Web designing companies in Dubai are using these videos as a new design trend. These videos are active enough to allow the viewer’s understand the product and service by providing all of the required details to them.