Every company or brand wants to outshine its competitors and dreams of soaring the market and expects that consumers will recognize it and prefer it, but all this isn’t easy as the business has to take into consideration lot of things.

Things to consider:-

These things include marketing, advertising, quality of product/service, excellent packaging, customer care and lot more. One important thing that has become a major necessity is the logo and with it the tagline or slogan of the company which describes their ambition.

Although, the slogan or tagline comprises of three or four words at max but it acts as a catch phrase and helps to identify the business or company. Taglines act as major recognizing factors considering the corporate identity Dubai perspective.


Let’s have a look on some of the factors that can make a slogan or tagline great and worth remembering.


It must be memorable and recognizable. Remember that the tagline must exceed four or five words. A brief, different and versatile tagline can go a long way in enhancing the brand of the company. It should be everywhere in videos, adds, cards, posters and company hoardings etc.

Must sell the sizzle:-

The marketing people are well aware of the common advice which is “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. It clearly means that sell the benefits of a product or service instead of the features. It fits perfectly for the taglines.

One feature of an effective slogan is that it clarifies the benefits of the product to the consumers.

Differentiation factor:-

Does the brand or product that you sell have the differentiation factor? If not time to remodel or change the tagline for a better one. Every ideal tagline has the kick factor that makes it standout and separates it from other ordinary ones.

Positive and catchy feeling:-

One feature of corporate identity Dubai based organizations is that the taglines used by them are different, positive and catch the attention of the person. For example one slogan that stands out of the rest is the UAE’s telecom service provider Du’s slogan. “Add life to life”.

Isn’t it simple, memorable, positive and eye catching? It surely creates a positive impression of the whole company and brand on the consumers.

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