According to a prediction in 2017, more than 268 million apps will be downloaded which will raise a revenue more than $77 billion. We must know that apps are tools for marketing and the revenue comes because it helps to market a specific business and what it does.

Businesses that use mobile strategy for growth know that they have a threefold purpose which is

  • Increase in sales
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Increased customer loyalty

If the above mentioned three allies are seen a business is surely set to rise. Due to this specific reason, more than 55% of small businesses are have planned to go for a smartphone application this year.

Ongoing trend:-

If you are planning to make your business grow and increase your sales and client loyalty then surely you cannot neglect mobile app development Dubai. The trend is enhanced more by the fact that more than 50% of your competitors are also doing it, so for survival, you got no other choice rather than going for it.

Today’s applications:-

Those days are long gone when applications were developed just for phones now but they are made for wearables, smart cars, connected homes, internet of things enabled devices and for a loT of other things.

Let’s move forward and take a look at the key trends of applications that are to be seen in the year 2017.

LBS to rise:-

Location-based services are set to evolve more because of the availability and the convenience of GPS on small devices. It will provide users with real-time information and deals which will be based on their location or whereabouts.

Utility applications and AR:-

Integration of augmented reality into the applications has been seen as a trick for promotion and advertising. But now more and more applications are using AR to greater advantages and useful purposes.

As the wearables are getting more recognition with each day passing, augmented reality is said to be used to increase the effectiveness and the production.

IoT to lead the show:-

The IoT industry is in the middle of its boom and those applications that integrate with IoT are surely going to lead the way.

Integration with IoT and its advancements has been started by the companies in the fields of security, education, health, automobiles, smartphones and a lot more. So keeping this in your head will prove to be worthwhile for the mobile app development Dubai in 2017.

Application security, more than ever:-

Smartphone security has never been so crucial before than now due to the sensitivity of data and also the quantity of data in the smartphone. This quantity of data is in the form of access which it has to other contacts and accounts.

This can surely turn out to be the game changer as more and more developers are going to use this platform. The reason behind this trend is the ability of it to provide improved user experience and features.