Technology is shaping fast and consistently, for one to be on top of this complex game as a business owner in Dubai, it would be critical to arrange a strong back-up in the form of a professional web developer. It is very important that you remain part of the process and keep up with the altering trends all the time; this is what survival is all about.

Let’s have a look at some of the frameworks, tools and techniques that are highly focused on perking up the user experience. This piece of writing will prove to be your one-stop-shop for all the development related trends for 2017!

You of course will require assistance from a professional website development company in Dubai but before picking up one, you must have some knowledge about advancement in the world of development. This will enable you to see and gauge the service provider; you may have decided to opt for. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s began:

  • Artificial Intelligence’s role in web and app development:

These programs are already in the markets and are utilized without an issue by major organizations like Wikipedia and Google. This technology enables us to build and develop software programs that may talk, think and act like humans without needing any manpower.

Artificial Intelligence’s role in web and app development

This for sure will trigger the levels of interest among developers as they will become keener to work on such programs and use them to the fullest. Among many there is one aspect that is very prolifically used for website designing, i.e. ‘The Grid’. It enables beginners to come up with highly slick websites by utilizing AR program that is known as ‘Molly’.

  • JavaScript in 2017:

This is a buzzing topic where you will see the developers having discussion on which latest language shall they learn and work on. It is not about what’s right and what’s wrong, it ideas is to get hands on something that falls within one’s focus areas. This discussion among developers touches extra elevated levels when the topic is JavaScript and its relevancy. There is no doubt however; the JS by far is the only popular technology that is preferred by highly professional developers.

JavaScript in 2017

  • Internet of Things:

Internet features are no more limited to our computers only; they are in fact moving away from our computers and Smartphones because they are now entering the world of our household appliances.

Internet of Things in 2017

One now can easily operate things remotely from any part of the world with the help of this technology all one may need is access to the internet and apps that are specifically design to achieve such tasks.

  • Static Website generators:

If you are thinking about great website generation tools, then static site generators is what you actually need. They make things simple even for a layman, for example, one may not require database and one’s web pages that are simple files may run on their servers.

A plus point associated with that is quick website load time, improved security levels and deployment with ease. APIs and CDNs are turning out to be a norm; Jekyll or Hugo famous static site generators are making the most out of these trends and helping their popularity graphs to touch the highest levels.


  • Conversational User Interfaces and Bots:

 Bots make things easy for us and help in improving our experiences. As we all know that 2016 was the year of conversational commerce, that factor helped messaging platforms in gaining momentum and popularity. At present the roles played by bots cannot be overlooked in the world of web design and web development.

Therefore, experts believe that this domain will become further popular and will continue to impress us during 2017 and beyond as growth in the domain of conversational UI will evolve further.


  • Ruby on Rails:

Back in 2016, in June Rails 5 was launched and was set to turn out to reach further levels of fame during 2017 and beyond. It has been around for more than ten years now as it is initially launched in 2005, Ruby on Rails seemed to lack in making a burly and real impact on web development trends.

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Its fame is now perking up because more and more professionals are finding its features like ActionCable, Turbolinks 5 and other similar ones to be very efficient and helpful during the code development phases.

Ruby on Rails

For one page apps, Turbolinks 5 is their first choice because it saves them from working on client-side JS structures. Backed with enhanced performance levels, ROR enables developers to focus more on the overall looks and appearances of the website they may be working on.

  • Motion User Interfaces (UI):

The popularity associated with Motion UI was always on the cards. Latest trends in motion UI rely on flexible CSS trends backed with all types of JS libraries that allows it to perform in a seamless way and integrate animations to web pages with ease. Websites that were 2D in nature or boring in nature are now becoming a thing from the past.

Business owners in complex markets of Dubai seem to have read the script well and understood the outcomes associated with such trends, therefore they are already at it and working on overhauling their existing websites or launching new ones that are packed with such sleek and elite features.

Motion User Interfaces

  • Generation Next Angular JS:

Released last year in 2016, the angular update introduced a freshly revisited design of JS framework. Experts believe that this version will be tweaked and updated on regular intervals for improved web development trends. It is mainly used by application developers due to its helping features that are compatibility with animation, videos and other non-static media files or documents.


2017 has just started, there is a lot more to come this year:

The core idea is to improve the user experience and user interfaces (UX and UI) during this year. Any element or every element that is going to help in gracing our websites, household electronic appliances and smart phones will get eventually and ultimately get better with the help of such smart trends.

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Web developers in such complex markets are on their toes in order to ensure that they use such features to the fullest and make things user-friendly, practical and seamless for the end users. Now that you know what the future is going to be like in the world for online business, you may get your hands on a web development company in Dubai, one that can cater to all your needs in an exact passion and help you in making the most out of investments made by you.