If you are of the view that web designing is an isolated area that is associated with the marketing domain then you might as well revisit this thought. You are not the only one though as there are many business operators in and outside Dubai that are of the same view and it is this thought that have been setting back their business progress in more than one ways. The truth is very much other way round from this, it is associated with many core parts of one’s business, i.e. from branding, traffic, SEO and conversion rates, one’s business website plays a crucial role in affecting one’s business presence in the online world.

When you will ask the question of how significant a website could be for a business from business owners and entrepreneurs, the response from almost all of them would be that yes it is important, but when you ask them why that is so. Very few may answer as in why it holds significance. Your idea of Dubai web design shall be unique and appealing if you want to make your presence worthwhile.

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Following are some points that will tell us why a good web design is so important for business:

To start with, I would like to add here that it has been learned lately that design elements might be exponentially further strapping when compared to the content, speaking from the perspective of mistrust. To gain trust and momentum, one as a business would need to ensure that he/she avoids the following elements from the website:

  • Flamboyant adverts and those that pop-up
  • Irrelevant and small font size that is read with difficulty
  • Immature applications of colors that may make website look boring or unprofessional.
  • Extended loading time and slow website intros that may cause delays in response time. Design no doubt is important as well all know that but don’t underestimate the vitality of the well written content.

Widespread effects of design:

It along with content can play an incredible role by going hand in hand in turning the business into success. With a quality design, one’s visitor may not be keen to go through the content and spend time on the website.

Relation with Search Engine Optimization:

If you are aiming to hit the search engines with a dynamic entry and rule the world of ranking then you will need to focus on both the design and content. You may consider the idea of a one-page website or even a better option would be to go for the responsive trends. Something that is liked by Google and other major search engines, don’t think of ideas that are too technical for your visitors.

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You will need to be in their boots. However, if you think you cannot not live without your idea, then you might as well share it with experts in the design industry so that they can provide you with appealing solutions that may help you in keeping your technical design idea in tact but at the same time tweak it a bit so as to make it user friendly.

The problem however with one-page or parallax website is that it may spread entire list of keywords associated with your website over one URL. The idea may catch the attention of the visitors for the time being but in the long run for your SEO goals it may generate negative impact.

This discomfort will trigger the threat of bounce rate, as users will start switching off from your domain to others within no time. Something for which Google may flag your website and it may struggle to impress other major search engines as well.


Don’t get confused with your website by considering it as your brand. It however is one of the elements that are associated with your brand and it helps your visitors to grow their trust in your brand. It is now totally up to you that how well and appealing you makes it because you now know that your website is going to be the trust builder and will bring your audience closer to your brand.

Affects on Conversion Rates:

This is yet another area that would require your attention as a business owner. You must understand the ways in which an appealing web design may affect the conversion rates. There are three core elements that would require your attention if you are keener to stay on top of this domain:

  • Navigation:

Make it simple and easy, if you have opted for a challenging and difficult navigational approach then it may be curtains for your business. You must understand the fact that if your visitor is not comfortable while navigating through your website, the chances of conversions will start becoming dimmer.

  • Wording:

You must be very selective and careful while selecting the words for ‘Call to Action’. For example, the word ‘Free’ holds a serious position and you may have noticed it on many website, i.e. ‘Sign up for free’. This has been reported by many business owners during surveys that have been carried out from time to time and they state that it has serious affect on improving the conversions.

  • Colors:

I can write on color for years and you may read for the same number of years, however the key takeaway here would be to understand the fact, i.e. colors do matter. Researches in the past has made it clear that large fonts, red in color and bold in style are suitable for headings, while if it is the call to action task then Navy blue may help one to a great extent because it gives the feeling of trust to the viewers.

The bottom Line:

On a concluding note, I would like to stress upon the point that one must understand the significance of an excellent website design and its role in turning the business into success. It is not something just relying on choice, nor an option. It is a must-must thing that will help one from different angles, i.e. be it from SEO optimization to branding to traffic and conversion perspectives get it right and get it right now. To get hands on all these aspects in a grand passion, you will need to look for Dubai web design oriented solutions provider, one who has got a strong grip on the ongoing and elite trends in chic and fast pace markets here in this part of the world.