Majority of the SEO campaigns face failures due to the high expectation levels, and clients normally are low in budgets when acquiring such services. They end up in making decisions that are random in nature and are based on assumptions made by them. In doing so they totally ignore the trends, actual customer expectations and available data and this misunderstanding dents their search engine optimization campaigns badly.

Soon they realize that things are not going in the right directions as far as their planned intentions are concerned. They start panicking and go into shocking zones, a hunt for search engine optimization services provider is initiated by them in a rushed passion and once again they are done because they may end up in acquiring services of an individual or a company that may speak high for their products and services but when it comes to deliver, they may bring you back to the same panicky situation.

You cannot afford to make such mistakes over and over again, especially if the market you are operating is based on advanced trends. A good example would be Dubai, for you to capture these markets in grand passion; you will need to take SEO Dubai practices on a serious note.

Following are some areas that must be considered by you:

1. How realistically have you set your Goals?

SEO goals that are set on vague and unrealistic grounds may always results in failure. You cannot hit the top ranks for each and every product and service in major search engines like Google and Bing etc. That would be classified unrealistic approach. For immediate success you must rely on realistic objectives. A good example here would be of business that offers multiple services and products. If ones business’s nature falls in line with the said example then it may not be possible to obtain top ranks for each one of them.

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Strategies that are based on gradual incremental plans will work perfectly alright in such scenarios. Once you have achieved top ranks for some of your products, you may try to maintain them there and add other products to your SEO campaign. You must not forget that optimization process is a time taking one that requires a lot of care and attention.

2. How much time are you willing to give and what are the budgets like that you can afford?

This is a core question as most companies are not sure about the formula and or idea of what should be a realistic time frame like. They also are clueless when it comes to set budgets for this need that they have to optimize their website. Hungry of immediate outcomes and that too by investing lowest rates may make things blur. If one would take out some time and meet with a couple of industry professional in this regard, he/she will have a clear idea about what should be an actual time frame for them to pursue their marketing goals using the said tendency.

Industry nature, competitiveness and trends, if high-end in nature may affect the time frame and costs by expanding the time frame and increasing the costs. One may come across service providers that may carryout SEO campaign on low budgets with quick results, but that would mean that the service provider is definitely going to use black hat techniques that will result in heavy penalties from major search engines, especially Google. You will need to allow the service providers to carry out all the technical activities by offering them open with ample time if your intentions are to rule the world of business online for longer period of time.

3. Ensure that the keywords shortlisted by you are the right and relevant keywords?

If you or your service provider is working hard on optimizing irrelevant keywords, you may yourself work out what the outcomes would be like. This crucial phase of selecting the right keywords that are relevant your business nature and its products and services shall be dealt very carefully by you or your SEO service provider. You must carry out this task with the help reliable keyword planning and analysis tools. This will allow you to see the keywords that are being utilized by your competitors as well. You would then be able to compete online in the right passion and make the most out of your optimization campaign.

4. What is the traffic momentum like after your SEO campaign?

Failing to select the right keywords may result in little or no traffic to one’s website. One must maintain a close check and balance strategy and cap the gaps that may exist with you noticing them.

One good example would be the bounce back rate of your website, if it is one on the higher side then this mean that something is wrong and what that something could be is actually wrong selection of keywords or their association with the wrong pages that are associated with your website.

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Visitors will pop out of your website without wasting a split second, if they come across an alien environment where they are unable to see the products and services that they may have been after and actually search for using a keyword that was linked to your website.

5. What’s the Professionalism like when it comes to your website?

One’s business success story and optimization campaign will commence and work only if one is backed with a smart and appealing website that is designed and developed professionally. This will allow visitors to engage with your website for ample amount of time, each time they visit it and engagement in most cases results in conversations and transactions, areas that are used by business to gauge the success of their initiated campaigns all with the help of a great web design and development.

A weakly designed and developed website will offer unenthusiastic results and may dent the business graph badly. Following are some questions that may help one in the evaluation process of his/her website:

  • Are the trends used latest?
  • Is the website designed professionally?
  • Is your website backed with spontaneous navigation framework?
  • Is it a responsive version that is compatible with all the relevant devices?
  • What is the feedback like from existing customers, positive or negative?
  • What is the load time like?

6. How relevant and catchy is your website content?

This is a core area that is highly misunderstood by many business owners that are operating online. Some may use very little or no content which would be a sin, while some may over exaggerate things and put too much content. Both the scenarios are unacceptable because they will lead to low engagement and conversions. One must not write content that is appealing to search engines only, things shall be written based on a strong strategy, where customer queries may be answered, potential client will like this idea and it won’t be a difficult decision for them to become your regular customer.

7. What are the tracking and improvement strategies that are applied by you?

For a successful and long lasting success in one’s SEO campaigns, one would need to ensure that there is a proper check and balance strategy set in place all the time. One may just need to toggle minor issues by tweaking few small things and making changes in order to align SEO campaign from time to time. Major changes would be redesigning the entire website from scratch or overhauling some or all content areas based on the trends that are changing frequently.

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Don’t jump into conclusion by gauging your SEO strategy results using just one angle, for example ranking customers who used contact page or phone call. A collective approach would be required that may gauge different angles so that you can see that how contributions are made by rankings and what made the traffic to contribute to the conversions. One may successfully avoid all the above-mentioned hazards and hurdles by getting in touch with search engine optimization Dubai based professional and sharing his/her business marketing needs online.