The world of social media has gained some serious attention from users all over the globe. If you ask someone what he/she do if they come across this news that all the social websites are down for one week, yes one week only then what would be their response? Of course they will be shocked and they may not like this idea at all. The reason, of course would be their dependency and usage.

However, that was a question that you may ask from those who use such domains for personal activities, if you would ask the same question from those that are running a business and use these channels for marketing and branding purposes, what would be their response? Let’s don’t even go into that zone.

Three major roles are associated with social media and these roles may perk up the over search engine optimization campaign for businesses.

  • Web Real Estate and Raw Information:

Before going into further detail, let’s have a look at the ways in which search visibility may be swayed by these channels, especially when the markets are fast paced ones, Dubai markets here would be a good example. Stating things genuinely the picture may not be as big as they are shown.

Most of the information posted by you on different social media channels may be treated different by Google that other content posted on the same channels. For those that are of this view and use social media Dubai heavily must understand that posting on such social channels is not going to amplify the authority levels of their domain, even if they mention their link on all the messages posted by them in groups, on their timelines and pages created by them. This information may prove useful to you in various ways.

Google may treat some content posted on these channels different to other, for instance platforms like Twitter that is fully indexed in all the major search engines, especially Google.

Therefore, if you Tweet something on such platforms you might as well come across them while search for something while other similar social channels are not indexed. Because of these indexed channels like Twitter, you may get an edge as your visibility on search engines due to tweets may improve.

You must calm down and avoid jumping into conclusion, after going through the aforementioned facts, 95% of the tweets shared by you may go un-indexed due to their poor content and lower authoritative worth.

  • Social Signals:

This domain is also an area of illusions and misconceptions as it is not clear to many. As a general thought, it is believed that an article of blog that is posted and shared several times may amplify the rank for that article or blog when it comes to Google ranks. I would suggest that one must hold his/her fire and don’t act so fast, the real trust is social signals does not denote to the amount of time a user may have shared his/her piece of writing on such networks using their news feeds.

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However, it may just denote to the actual number of individuals who actually shared that piece of writing directly from your domain with the help of sharing buttons that may be available in your On-Page setup because this is something that can be measured accurately by Google.

Although, the said social signals may be significant to some extent, but they cannot be classified as the ‘make-or-break’ figures or role players in perking up one’s website rankings. The genuineness and quality of one’s content, the domain authoritativeness and the inbound links are always going to be treated as a significant asset. There are, though different ways that may augment the popularity of one article on social channels and may help in improving the ranks.

  • More Inbound Links and Improved Visibility:

This by far can be classified as one of the most useful and helpful approach that may be applied on social media channels if one is keen to aid his/her SEO campaign as a business owner.

Inbound links, due to their reliable authoritative building nature in the world of SEO may make the difference real for you. They key to success in this domain, however would be based on the fact that how natural and authentic those inbound links are.

A good way to improve the number of these inbound links to your public domain would be to improve the number of contacts and get them engaged with the content posted by you.

If the quality of the content posted by you is supreme, on a rough note 1 in 100 people will click on the linked text provided by you and will get in touch with your website. So, in simple words, you may expect 10 visitors from a total of 1000 contacts (estimates given as a rough estimate based on assumptions).

Coming back to the original argument, social media cannot be said to be the major role player behind this effect. It may a lot more depend on the facilitating and associated conditions that may be taken as exceptions by major search engines, Google in particularity; however they may still be classified a noteworthy part of one’s long-term SEO campaign and marketing strategy.

To be precise, it all depends on how smartly you take on things and what is your ability like when it comes to produce high level content that is worth ready and has got what it takes to engage the reader.