You probably would have seen those quizzes to determine your level of intelligence or to see how good you are at math. With a number of corporate websites and online shopping stores each announcing themselves as the best, it is difficult to determine which one is really the best. Be it engineering consultancy services or online baby shops, there is a tough competition in the market. You would always find more than one business competitor if you plan to make your business in Dubai be online.

You would certainly need your website design to be great with an edge over a competitor’s website. Following are the top features of a good web design:

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Text Format:

Good is the text that is legible and clearly communicates the message because everything is written in a flow with a clear order of information importance. The font size is set to exactly what it should be set to (neither too big nor too small) and background should also not get mixed with the text due to choice of bad color combinations. Also, there must be no need of scrolling sideways to read the text; the column must be fit to screen so that it is easy to read.


The website must be easy to navigate. The user must be able to find intended options easily on the page. There must be a search bar where the visitor can enter his/her search query to reach it faster within the website. It must be easy to find the important things such as an introduction about company and contact information, etc. Easy to understand language and commonly used words must be used as tags and labels.

Keep it Simple:

Simplicity brings in beauty and much needed attractiveness. Take the example that everyone else does not know the technical terms or hard English/Arabic words. A good web design Dubai won’t be stuffed with extra pictures/icons or option buttons just because the designer found them beautiful. A cool looking thingy at wrong place won’t look nice as it won’t make sense. It shall not be flashy and animations must turn off automatically. You need to maintain an appealing web layout that attracts customers by keeping it neat, simple and professional.

Minimal Download Time:

It is considered as a bad customer service if you keep your client waiting for long. He/she would probably avoid coming back to you and find other options. If you don’t want to lose your customer, your web design in Dubai must be speedy. If the user takes some action, he should be able to proceed quickly. Downloads must also happen quickly and there shall not be too many messages to prompt in between.

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