The future of search engine optimization may be a big question mark for many; however those that fall in the expert zone may have some clue as in where things are heading towards in this domain.

The idea of SEO has gone through many makeshifts, it is not only about building back links, on-page optimization and creating content that is relevant. Modern day SEO trends float around building brands and swaying search oriented queries.

The building blocks, however remain the same even in this changed scenario, i.e. content, keywords and website optimization, etc. There are four core pillars that are demonstrated by experts in this domain, they are:

  1. RankBrain
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  3. The Knowledge Graph & rich answers
  4. Real-time, incorporated penalty filters
  • RankBrain

RankBrain is classified as the third very important ranking point when it comes to the Google algorithm. However, it is misunderstood by many and the rumors seem to be a never ending one.

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Because RankBrain was amongst some of the first updates that were disclosed by Google, it became the center of attention for many SEO operators since then.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Back in Feb 2016, integration was made by Google based on Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and this was done under the heading of ‘top stories’. Few months after that, Google initiated showing links to AMP pages in the core results that were mainly organic.

With over 150 million indexed AMP today that is heartened by typical acceptance outside the issuing industry, comprising Bing and eBay. They have recently announced that visitors that are searching from Smartphones and devices are going to be directed to their desired AMP pages, even though if there is a similar app page that may already exist.

The significance of an AMP result is yet something that is alien in nature for an ordinary Google user with limited knowledge. A survey carried out not very long ago showed that only 44 participants were familiar with what exactly AMP icon stood for in the SERPs.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Accelerated Mobile Pages

In Dubai, one may not be able to afford such blunders, when it is about outsourcing their SEO tasks, they must look for a SEO agency Dubai that has got hands on skills and experience and can provide one with the desired results.

  • The Knowledge Graph And Rich Answers

Google’s Knowledge Graph that was launched back in 2012 is yet another important pillar of SEO future trends. It is a used by Google as a knowledge base that helps in enhancing search results with the help of semantic-search data that may have been gathered using different resources, Wikidata can be a good example here.

The Knowledge Graph And Rich Answers

  • Real-time, Incorporated Penalty Filters

After a long wait, if and buts, finally Google updated Penguin. Penguin now is going to operate as a real-time signal processed and comes under Google’s Algorithm. Not very long ago, Google integrated Panda in its core algorithm. The core idea was to avoid and fight spamming aspects and purify search results to the fullest.

This step from Google has been highly appreciated by webmasters who are keen to climb the search ranks in a genuine passion, in complex markets like Dubai, these business owners on rely on SEO service providers that have strong grip on what’s required to please the Google.

Real-Time, Incorporated Penalty Filters