When you visit a website, what’s the first thing you notice? The font, the layout, the menu. 35 percent of users say that they cannot complete their desired task on websites because they are badly designed. If websites have become so integral to our lives in this era, then how come they are designed so badly? Simply, because many business owners don’t believe or understand the consequences of overlooking web designing and generally its importance.

Another, staggering percentage of users say that some websites are so badly designed that they are not able to understand the content on it; another rookie mistake that can be corrected very easily. This post will discuss why websites are so important and why need to be made in a user friendly way.

Just as your appearance as a person is a representation of who you are, a website is a representation of what your business is to the whole world or anyone who can access it. A website is the only way to establish an online presence and this is even more difficult because the internet has too many brands and too much information. So, even in all of that, you have to ensure that you somehow stand out. Dubai web development breaks down the steps in web development.

The first step is actually developing or making a website, which IT professionals know best. The next step is to design the web page. Your design includes everything from the layout of the website, to the font, to the content, to the menu, to the website navigation to what your company believes in. All of this and more can be communicated through web design.

A badly designed website receives very little traffic and eventually that ends up reducing your sales. Web designers sit down and figure out how to design the page in a way that reflects your uniqueness and honesty as a brand. Third step is to market your brand and in the online world, this is known as SEO marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to a practice that boost website traffic and visibility. By employing different techniques like posting quality content on your page in a way that attract users and if people look up certain words, your page shows up in their feed. The more you post, the more chances you have of generating traffic.

SEO web development companies focuses on all these aspects with attention and detail. This is what establishes your presence online and helps the company grow.