When clients come to the programmer, many a times, they ask and insist on using Rails, but the programmers hardly know it’s important and think that the clients are ignorant, but when a person is investing on something, they have had their homework done already, which the programmer doesn’t know much about.

Here we will discuss some of the significant features that make this language perfect for use and more superior over others.

People usually that rails is the shining armor for the ruby, whether it’s true or not, is another debate, but the fact is the author of the program picked this dynamic, reflective, object oriented, general purpose programming language deliberately for the model view controller framework for providing a default structure for web pages and databases because of its simple and special features.

The framework has strong pragmatism traits attached to it, which makes the language even more elegant and a choice of their team in the first place. This pragmatic attitude has earned high value for the community to prefer ruby on rails Dubai together.

Another benefit of using ruby on rails is that its primary language is close to English which makes the overall process more in control and ease. The language depicts an amazing self control which is lacking in other languages, but rather the DSL for the framework looks like a special language, which in fact is just another excellent syntax of Ruby.

Another benefit of using ruby on rails framework for start up web development is that, the program is vastly applicable and has a very elaborate community, who keeps on protecting and maintaining it, thus keeping it in shape and fashion, which makes it still the same effective, while the other languages have faded away with time.