As you know that the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is changeable. Every day new trends are added which are more effective than the other old trends. The world of SEO is quite large and everyone in this world has its own experience of doing SEO for a site. We are now in modern world so we have to be very careful of using SEO trends for a website promotion. It is to keep in mind to not use old techniques because they are not effective for website its health. Here are some best techniques which can help you in many aspects of your website promotion in 2014.

Always Use Quality Content:

You are aware that the most important thing in a site is its content. If site content is relevant and meaningful then both search engine and user will love your website. As told by bill gate that “Content Is King” so be aware of using your content in your website. Quality content is that content which have some idea about the products you are providing or the services your website is offering.  According to Google new updates, website with duplicate content must be banned and will no longer shown in the search engine result pages. These options change the mind of every website owner and also of those who are planning to build their new website that to use only that content in their website which is never used before and which have some meaning. So it is recommended to use quality content in your website.

Using Of Anchor Text In Article:

This is another technique which will be very helpful to your SEO campaign. You may have seen many times that a lot of peoples have no idea of using anchor text in their site content or in their articles. Using of anchor text is a great technique and only professional bloggers know how to use anchor text in their blog or article. If someone use their website anchor text in such an area which make no sense then Google may block that content and will not count that backlinks which is not juice passing link and have no benefit to your website. So use it in such place which make sense and help you to attract Search engine crawls toward itself.

Guest Blogging:

It is a great technique of getting quality backlinks to the site which plays a very important role in your site ranking. Especially the backlinks taken from guest blogging are very effective for site promotion. You have just to send request to the other site owner that to give me backlinks using my article in your blog. This is very effective way of giving traffic to your site from a high page ranking domain.

Social Media:

Social media is a great source of increasing your audience online from your company page. Many peoples think that social media is not good for website promotion, but they are totally wrong. Social media explore your business to the million peoples using social media sites. This is very great technique which peoples are using in 2014 for their website SEO purpose.

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